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METROFOOD-RI launches its RM-App

In the frame of the METROFOOD-PP project (GA 871083), METROFOOD-RI launches the new RM-App, a new tool addressed mostly to researchers and testing laboratories allowing to search for available Reference Materials (RMs) dedicated to the agrifood research area.

The database includes the worldwide production of RMs of interest for the agrifood sector, covering both Matrix-RMs and pure substances for calibration. The RMs included in the database are categorised in classes and sub-classes of parameters and matrices and can be searched for the desired parameter or matrix, or by using a cross-search per matrix-analyte combination.

The RM-App is open, and can be freely accessed upon registration on our Authentication & Authorisation Infrastructure.

Click here to create your account and enter the App.

Let’s find the available RMs fit for you purpose, thus promoting metrology in food and nutrition and imporivng the reliability of measurement results!

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