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Toward a healthy and safe diet

Dish cluster

On 6th of april the Dish Cluster, a group that take in different projects, included FoodSafety4EU, will inaugurate the event “ Toward a healthy and safe diet” (10.00-12.00 CET). ENEA, as one of the main partner in the FoodSafety4EU  project, will be at the farefront for the promotion of this manifestation. This is a step forward for the development and release of the multi-stakeholder platform of the future european food safety system (FSS).
On 6th of April the DISH cluster will contribute and inspire the next directions towards a safe and healthy food style with keynotes speakers of the European Food System. We are glad to offer you a virtual lunch:

1)  an aperitif with as a warm welcome by representative of Horizon Results Booster representatives and the 5 projects’ coordinators of the DISH Cluster

2) a main course with the partecipation of keynote speakers of the european food safety stystem

3) a dessert where the partecipants are invited to contribute throush an interactive session


Evento virtuale
06/04/2022 - da 10:00 a 12:00
Personale di riferimento: