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EIT Open Day Italy


The EIT Open Day - Italy 2022 will be held in Rome at the Palazzo dei Gruppi Parlamentari of the Chamber of Deputies, and via streaming, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. This is an event packed with meetings and insights into EIT, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, which since 2008 has been working to strengthen Europe's innovation capacity by integrating business, education and research to find solutions to pressing global challenges. With more than 1,000 partners, the EIT is Europe's largest innovation network, bringing together information from consumers, researchers, practitioners, innovators and entrepreneurs in Europe to turn their best ideas into products, services, jobs and growth.
The day will include in the morning an introduction to the EIT world and its opportunities for Italian companies, universities and public bodies, to learn about the different Thematic Innovation Communities (KICs), dynamic and long-term pan-European partnerships between leading companies, research laboratories and enterprises, with speeches by representatives of the different EIT Communities and also National Institutions and APRE, as EIT National Contact Point. The afternoon will be dedicated to a focus on Agrifood with in-depth Round Tables on the themes of the relationship between entrepreneurs and Policy makers, Agriculture 4.0 and Soil Protection, with the participation of representatives of the National Agrifood Cluster - Massimo Iannetta Chair of the Technical Scientific Committee of Italian AgriFood Technological Cluster CL.A.N. , Federpesca, CREA, Companies and national and international research organizations engaged in innovative projects and initiatives.
The EIT Food Journalism Award 2022 will conclude the day.

Palazzo dei Gruppi Parlamentari Camera dei Deputati
Via di Campo Marzio, 74
00186 Roma
24/11/2022 - da 10:00 a 17:00
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