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3rd Joint workshop of the IMPRESA project

Copertina evento

The  3rd Joint workshop of the IMPRESA project - IMProving RESilience to Abiotic stresses in durum wheat: Enhancing knowledge by genetic, physiological and “omics” approaches and increasing Mediterranean germplasm biodiversity by crop wild relatives-based introgressiomics -will be held in Algeria at Scientific and technical research centre for arid regions omar bernaoui crstra BISKRA.
The event  entitled “Facing abiotic stresses affecting durum wheat across the Mediterranean basin”  will bring together academic scientists, researchers and students to share and discuss with a wider audience the current and emerging challenges (environmental stresses, reduction of arable land and water scarcity) that increasingly affect crop security in Mediterranean countries.
The  event will be open to public on May 31st, with the possibility to attend in person as well as online through the following  link
The full program and updates can be found on the CRSTRA and IMPRESA websites.
Link to the IMPRESA project factsheet

Evento ibrido
da 30/05/2023 - 08:30 a 02/06/2023 - 18:00
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