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The 1st GAINS Model Community meeting

On November 29th and 30th 2022, in Laxenburg (Austria) and online, the first GAINS Model Community meeting took place.
GAINS is an interactive online tool that can be used to support air quality management and policy processes at the subnational, national, and regional scale. The GAINS team at IIASA is maintaining the modeling framework and supporting such processes, often in collaboration with partners, who are or become registered users of the online tool.

The objective of the meeting was to establish a community of users and modelers who are applying the model in different policy contexts. The meeting offered opportunities to share experiences, inspire each other’s activities, learn from each other, and define potential future projects.

The programme included speakers from IIASA, China, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa, South Corea, Turkey USA. 

The 29th November, Ilaria D’Elia presented the recent applications and updates of the GAINS-Italy model under the Session 3: National perspectives.

The agenda of the meeting is available and all presentations will be publicly available soon.

More information is available at the IIASA website

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