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Turning climate-related information into added value for traditional Mediterranean grape, olive, and durum wheat food systems, Ponti, Luigi, Dell'Aquila Alessandro, De Felice Matteo, Ruti Paolo Michele, Basso Bruno, Gutierrez A.P., Calmanti Sandro, Graça A., J. Nevado López, and Monotti C. , Climate Services, (2024)
Unveiling the transport properties of protic ionic liquids: Lithium ion dynamics modulated by the anion fluorine reservoir, Souza, Giselle de Araujo, di Pietro Maria Enrica, Castiglione Franca, Martinez Patricia Fazzio Mar, Middendorf Maleen, Schönhoff Monika, Fraenza Carla Cecilia, Stallworth Phillip, Greenbaum Steven, Triolo Alessandro, et al. , Electrochimica Acta, Volume 475, (2024)
Use of distributed temperature sensing (DTS) coupled to ground source heat exchangers for geological thermo-stratigraphic correlation, Violante, A.C., Guidi G., Proposito Marco, Mataloni S., and Spaziani Fabio , Renewable Energy, Volume 225, (2024)
Using dispersion models at microscale to assess long-term air pollution in urban hot spots: A FAIRMODE joint intercomparison exercise for a case study in Antwerp, Martin, F., Janssen S., Rodrigues V., Sousa J., Santiago J.L., Rivas E., Stocker J., Jackson R., Russo Felicita, Villani Maria Gabriella, et al. , Science of The Total Environment, Jan-05-2024, Volume 925, p.171761, (2024)
Validation of photosynthetically active radiation by OLCI on Sentinel-3 against ground-based measurements in the central Mediterranean and possible aerosol effects, Pecci, Mattia, Colella Simone, Di Iorio Tatiana, Meloni Daniela, Monteleone Francesco, Pace Giandomenico, Sferlazzo Damiano Massimo, and Di Sarra Alcide , European Journal of Remote Sensing, Jul-12-2026, Volume 57, Issue 1, Number 1, (2024)
Verification of parameterizations for clear sky downwelling longwave irradiance in the Arctic, Pace, Giandomenico, Di Sarra Alcide, Quaglia Filippo Calì, Ciardini Virginia, Di Iorio Tatiana, Iaccarino Antonio, Meloni Daniela, Muscari Giovanni, and Scarchilli Claudio , Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, Volume 17, Number 6, p.1617 – 1632, (2024)
Wolbachia Infection through Hybridization to Enhance an Incompatible Insect Technique-Based Suppression of Aedes albopictus in Eastern Spain, Cholvi, Maria, Trelis María, Bueno-Marí Rubén, Khoubbane Messaoud, Gil Rosario, Marcilla Antonio, and Moretti Riccardo , Insects, Volume 15, Number 3, (2024)
Woodchips from Forest Residues as a Sustainable and Circular Biofuel for Electricity Production: Evidence from an Environmental Life Cycle Assessment, Scrucca, Flavio, Barberio Grazia, Cutaia Laura, and Rinaldi C. , Energies, Volume 17, Number 1, (2024)
200-year ice core bromine reconstruction at Dome C (Antarctica): observational and modelling results, Burgay, F., Fernández R.P., Segato D., Turetta C., Blaszczak-Boxe C.S., Rhodes R.H., Scarchilli Claudio, Ciardini Virginia, Barbante C., Saiz-Lopez A., et al. , Cryosphere, Volume 17, Number 1, p.391-405, (2023)
3D Cell Models in Radiobiology: Improving the Predictive Value of In Vitro Research, Antonelli, Francesca , International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Jan-07-2023, Volume 24, Issue 13, p.10620, (2023)
Adipocyte Glucocorticoid Receptor Inhibits Immune Regulatory Genes to Maintain Immune Cell Homeostasis in Adipose Tissue, Amatya, Shripa, Tietje-Mckinney Dylan, Mueller Schaefer, Petrillo Maria Grazia, Woolard Matthew D., Bharrhan Sushma, Orr Anthony Wayne, Kevil Christopher G., Cidlowski John A., and Cruz-Topete Diana , Endocrinology (United States), Volume 164, Number 11, (2023)
Advanced Digital Video Analyses to Estimate the Dynamic Behavior for Proper Design of a Base-Isolation System of the Sarcophagus of the Spouses at the National Etruscan Museum in Rome: Preliminary Results, Fioriti, Vincenzo, Cataldo Antonino, Roselli Ivan, Colucci Alessandro, Clemente Paolo, Lamonaca Miriam, and Sorrentino Luigi , Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, Volume 309 LNCE, p.707 – 716, (2023)
Advanced seasonal predictions for vine management based on bioclimatic indicators tailored to the wine sector, Dell'Aquila, Alessandro, and Calmanti Sandro , Climate Services, 04/2023, Volume 30, (2023)
Advanced technologies for chitin recovery from crustacean waste, Verardi, Alessandra, Sangiorgio Paola, Moliterni Stefania, Errico Simona, Spagnoletta Anna, and Dimatteo Salvatore , Clean Technologies and Recycling, Jan-01-2023, Volume 3, Issue 1, p.4 - 43, (2023)
Advanced Video-Based Processing for Low-Cost Damage Assessment of Buildings under Seismic Loading in Shaking Table Tests, Cataldo, Antonino, Roselli Ivan, Fioriti Vincenzo, Saitta F., Colucci Alessandro, Tatì Angelo, Ponzo F.C., Ditommaso R., Mennuti C., and Marzani A. , Sensors, Volume 23, Number 11, (2023)
Aglianico Grape Seed Semi-Polar Extract Exerts Anticancer Effects by Modulating MDM2 Expression and Metabolic Pathways, Cuciniello, R., Di Meo F., Demurtas Olivia Costantina, Tanori Mirella, Mancuso Mariateresa, Villano C., Aversano R., Carputo D., Baldi A., Diretto Gianfranco, et al. , Cells, Volume 12, Number 2, (2023)
Air Quality Monitoring in a Near-City Industrial Zone by Low-Cost Sensor Technologies: A Case Study, Suriano, Domenico, Prato Mario, and Penza Michele , CSAC 2023 - The 2nd International Electronic Conference on Chemical Sensors and Analytical Chemistry, 09/2023, Volume Eng. Proc. 2023, 48(1), 26, (2023)
Alginate Microsponges as a Scaffold for Delivery of a Therapeutic Peptide against Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ariaudo, D., Cavalieri F., Rinaldi Antonio, Aguilera A., Lopez M., Perez H.G., Felipe A., M. Dominguez del Carmen, Ruiz O., Martinez G., et al. , Nanomaterials, Volume 13, Number 19, (2023)
Al-Si10-Mg Manufactured by Selective Laser Melting: Microstructure Sensitivity to Close Values of the Heat Input, Leo, P., Del Prete A., Primo T., and Nacucchi Michele , Metals, Volume 13, Number 3, (2023)
Analysis of 222Rn Surface Concentrations in the Basque Country (Spain): A Case Study of Heat Waves, Alegría, N., Hernández-Ceballos M.Á., Cinelli Giorgia, Peñalva I., and Muñoz J.M. , International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Volume 20, Number 3, (2023)
Analysis of >3400 worldwide eggplant accessions reveals two independent domestication events and multiple migration-diversification routes, Barchi, L., Aprea Giuseppe, Rabanus-Wallace M.T., Toppino L., Alonso D., Portis E., Lanteri S., Gaccione L., Omondi E., van Zonneveld M., et al. , Plant Journal, (2023)
Analysis of the Spatiotemporal Urban Expansion of the Rome Coastline through GEE and RF Algorithm, Using Landsat Imagery, Lodato, Francesco, Colonna Nicola, Pennazza Giorgio, Praticò Salvatore, Santonico Marco, Vollero Luca, and Pollino Maurizio , ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, Jan-04-2023, Volume 12, Issue 4, Number 4, p.141, (2023)
Antarctic Bioconstructional Bryozoans from Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea): Morphology, Skeletal Structures and Biomineralization, Lombardi, Chiara, Kuklinski P., Spirandelli E., Bruzzone G., Raiteri G., Bordone A., Mazzoli C., M. Correa López, van Geldern R., Plasseraud L., et al. , Minerals, Volume 13, Number 2, (2023)
The AntAWS dataset: A compilation of Antarctic automatic weather station observations, Wang, Y., Zhang X., Ning W., Lazzara M.A., Ding M., Reijmer C.H., Smeets P.C.J.P., Grigioni P., Heil P., Thomas E.R., et al. , Earth System Science Data, Volume 15, Number 1, p.411-429, (2023)
Antibacterial and anticancer activity of two NK-lysin-derived peptides from the Antarctic teleost Trematomus bernacchii, Buonocore, F., Saraceni P.R., Taddei A.R., Miccoli A., Porcelli F., Borocci S., Gerdol M., Bugli F., Sanguinetti M., Fausto A.M., et al. , Fish and Shellfish Immunology, Volume 142, (2023)