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3 - The zero-waste economy: from food waste to industry, Blasi, A., Verardi Alessandra, and Sangiorgio Paola , Membrane Engineering in the Circular Economy, p.63-100, (2022)
Aerosol optical characteristics in the urban area of Rome, Italy, and their impact on the UV index, Campanelli, Monica, Diémoz Henri, Siani Anna Maria, Di Sarra Alcide, Iannarelli Anna Maria, Kudo Rei, Fasano Gabriele, Casasanta Giampietro, Tofful Luca, Cacciani Marco, et al. , Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, Jan-01-2022, Volume 15, Issue 5, p.1171 - 1183, (2022)
An alternative, zeaxanthin epoxidase-independent abscisic acid biosynthetic pathway in plants, Jia, Kun-Peng, Mi Jianing, Ali Shawkat, Ohyanagi Hajime, Moreno Juan C., Ablazov Abdugaffor, Balakrishna Aparna, Berqdar Lamis, Fiore Alessia, Diretto Gianfranco, et al. , Molecular Plant, Jan-01-2022, Volume 15, Issue 1, Number 1, p.151 - 166, (2022)
Application of Aureobasidium pullulans in iron-poor soil. Can the production of siderophores improve iron bioavailability and yeast antagonistic activity?, Di Francesco, A., Sciubba Luigi, Bencivenni M., Marzadori C., and Baraldi E. , Annals of Applied Biology, Volume 180, Number 3, p.398-406, (2022)
Aqueous aluminium titanate paste for the liquid deposition modelling, Bezzi, Federica, Fabbri Paride, Magnani G., Salernitano E., Scafè M., and Strafella A. , Open Ceramics, Volume 9, (2022)
Assessment of measurement accuracy in 210Pb dating sediment methods, Schirone, Antonio, Rozmaric M., Barsanti Mattia, Raiteri G., Sanchez-Cabeza J.A., Garcia-Tenorio R., and Osvath I. , Quaternary Geochronology, Volume 69, (2022)
Assessment of the effectiveness of a novel BioFilm-Membrane BioReactor oil-polluted wastewater treatment technology by applying biomarkers in the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis, Caliani, I., De Marco G., Cappello T., Giannetto A., Mancini G., Ancora S., Maisano M., Parrino V., Cappello S., Bianchi N., et al. , Aquatic Toxicology, Volume 243, (2022)
Biodiversity Monitoring in Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas: Scientific and Methodological Challenges, Bianchi, Carlo Nike, Azzola Annalisa, Cocito Silvia, Morri Carla, Oprandi Alice, Peirano Andrea, Sgorbini Sergio, and Montefalcone Monica , Diversity, Jan-01-2022, Volume 14, Issue 1, p.43, (2022)
Bisphenols A and its analogues induce genotoxic damage in marine and freshwater amphipods, Cosentino, Serena, Aureli Federica, and Iannilli Valentina , 2022/04/01/, Volume 7, p.100183, (2022)
Black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens L.) as a high-potential agent for bioconversion of municipal primary sewage sludge, Arnone, S., De Mei M., Petrazzuolo F., Musmeci Sergio, Tonelli L., Salvicchi A., Defilippo F., Curatolo M., and Bonilauri P. , Environmental Science and Pollution Research, (2022)
The Challenge of Global CO2 Reduction: The Potential of the Method Based on Seawater Electrolysis, Katsuyoshi, Tatenuma, and Spaziani F. , Advances in Environmental Studies, Jun-06-2022, Volume 6, Issue 1, (2022)
Chemical characterization of Sicilian dried nopal [Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Mill.], Di Bella, G., Vecchio G.L., Albergamo A., Nava V., Bartolomeo G., Macrì A., Bacchetta L., V. Turco Lo, and Potortì A.G. , Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, Volume 106, (2022)
Circular economy paths in the olive oil industry: a Life Cycle Assessment look into environmental performance and benefits, Ncube, A., Fiorentino Gabriella, Panfilo C., De Falco M., and Ulgiati S. , International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, (2022)
Classification of synoptic and local-scale wind patterns using k-means clustering in a Tyrrhenian coastal area (Italy), Di Bernardino, A., Iannarelli A.M., Casadio S., Pisacane Giovanna, Mevi G., and Cacciani M. , Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, Volume 134, Number 2, (2022)
Classification of synoptic weather clusters associated with dust accumulation over southeastern areas of the Caspian Sea (Northeast Iran and Karakum desert), Mohammadpour, K., Sciortino M., Kaskaoutis D.G., and Rashki A. , Aeolian Research, Volume 54, (2022)
Climate change and air pollution: Translating their interplay into present and future mortality risk for Rome and Milan municipalities, Michetti, M., Gualtieri M., Anav A., Adani M., Benassi Barbara, Dalmastri C., D'Elia Ilaria, Piersanti A., Sannino G., Zanini Gabriele, et al. , Science of The Total Environment, 07-2022, Volume 830, p.154680, (2022)
Commercial Operation of Algal Technology: A Case Study and Techno-economic Analysis, Casella, P., Iovine A., Leone Gian Paolo, Mehariya S., Marino Tiziana, and Molino A. , Algal Biorefineries and the Circular Bioeconomy, Boca Raton, p.389-414, (2022)
A comparative evaluation of sustainable binders for environmentally friendly carbon-based supercapacitors, Landi, G., Notte L.L., Palma A.L., Sorrentino A., Maglione Maria Grazia, and Puglisi G. , Nanomaterials, Volume 12, Number 1, (2022)
Comparative life cycle assessment of the ground source heat pump vs air source heat pump, Violante, A.C., Donato F., Guidi G., and Proposito Marco , Renewable Energy, Volume 188, p.1029-1037, (2022)
Contribution of Genetic Background to the Radiation Risk for Cancer and Non-Cancer Diseases in Ptch1+/- Mice, De Stefano, Ilaria, Leonardi Simona, Casciati Arianna, Pasquali Emanuela, Giardullo Paola, Antonelli Francesca, Novelli Flavia, Babini G., Tanori Mirella, Tanno Barbara, et al. , Radiation research, Volume 197, Number 1, p.43-56, (2022)
Crop and income diversification for rural adaptation: Insights from Ugandan panel data, Antonelli, C., Coromaldi M., and Pallante G. , Ecological Economics, Volume 195, (2022)
Definition of the parameters for the densification of ceramics by two-step solid state sintering, Salernitano, E., Grilli Selene, Mazzanti Francesca, Fabbri Paride, and Magnani G. , Open Ceramics, Volume 9, (2022)
Designing a Waste-Based Culture Medium for the Production of Plant Growth Promoting Microorganisms Based on Cladodes Juice from Opuntia ficus-indica Pruning, Magarelli, R.A., Trupo Mario, Ambrico Alfredo, Larocca Vincenzo, Martino Maria, Palazzo S., Balducchi Roberto, Joutsjoki Vesa, Pihlanto Anne, and Bevivino Annamaria , Fermentation, Jan-05-2022, Volume 8, Issue 5, p.225, (2022)
Development of a predictive model of the microbial inactivation of L. monocytogenes during low thermal treatment of fruit juices in combination with carvacrol as aroma compound, Tchuenchieu, Alex, Kamdem Sylvain Sado, Bevivino Annamaria, Etoa Francois-Xavier, and Ngang Jean-Justin Essia , Current Research in Food Science, Jan-01-2022, Volume 5, p.374 - 381, (2022)
Differential impact of government lockdown policies on reducing air pollution levels and related mortality in Europe, Schneider, R., Masselot P., Vicedo-Cabrera A.M., Sera F., Blangiardo M., Forlani C., Douros J., Jorba O., Adani M., Kouznetsov R., et al. , Scientific Reports, Volume 12, Number 1, p.726, (2022)