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Anthropogenic litter in a Mediterranean coastal wetland: A heterogeneous spatial pattern of historical deposition, Battisti, C., Cesarini G., Gallitelli L., Moretti F., and Scalici M. , Marine Pollution Bulletin, Volume 201, (2024)
An Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna for a Drone-Mounted Ground Probing Radar, Pisa, S., Pastori F., Cicchetti R., Piuzzi E., Testa O., Pittella E., Cicchetti A., D'Atanasio Paolo, and Zambotti A. , Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Volume 123, p.53-61, (2024)
Author Correction: A multi-omic Nicotiana benthamiana resource for fundamental research and biotechnology (Nature Plants, (2023), 9, 9, (1558-1571), 10.1038/s41477-023-01489-8), Ranawaka, B., An J., Lorenc M.T., Jung H., Sulli Maria, Aprea Giuseppe, Roden S., Llaca V., Hayashi S., Asadyar L., et al. , Nature Plants, (2024)
Benthic Foraminifera as Proxies of Paleoenvironmental Changes in the Sant’Elia-Foxi Canyon (Gulf of Cagliari, Italy, Western Tyrrhenian Sea), Cristallo, C., Buosi C., Francescangeli F., Bouchet V.M.P., Schirone Antonio, Tamburrino S., and Frontalini F. , Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, Volume 12, Number 1, (2024)
Circular Bioeconomy in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona: Policy Recommendations to Optimize Biowaste Management, Meisterl, K., Sastre S., Puig-Ventosa I., Chifari R., L. Sánchez Martínez, Chochois L., Fiorentino Gabriella, and Zucaro Amalia , Sustainability (Switzerland), Volume 16, Number 3, (2024)
Cloud optical thickness retrievals using a UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer at the Thule High Arctic Atmospheric Observatory (THAAO), Greenland, F. Quaglia, Calì, Meloni Daniela, Muscari G., Becagli S., Di Bernardino A., Di Iorio Tatiana, Pace Giandomenico, Klinger C., Schmidt S., and Di Sarra Alcide , RADIATION PROCESSES IN THE ATMOSPHERE AND OCEANRADIATION PROCESSES IN THE ATMOSPHERE AND OCEAN, Volume 2988, Number 1, Thessaloniki, Greece, (2024)
Combined Experimental and Numerical Approach for the Thermal Heat Exchange Investigation of Li-Ion Cells for Automotive Applications, Karaca, C., Baldinelli G., Postrioti L., and Scrucca Flavio , Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 2685, Number 1, (2024)
Comparison of satellite-derived with ground-based PAR measurements at Lampedusa island (Central Mediterranean) and the impact of the aerosol optical depth, Meloni, Daniela, Trentmann Jörg, Pfeifroth Uwe, Di Sarra Alcide, and Trisolino P. , RADIATION PROCESSES IN THE ATMOSPHERE AND OCEANRADIATION PROCESSES IN THE ATMOSPHERE AND OCEAN, 2024, Volume 2988, Issue 1, Thessaloniki, Greece, (2024)
Dynamical downscaling of CMIP6 scenarios with ENEA-REG: an impact-oriented application for the Med-CORDEX region, Anav, A., Antonelli Marta, Calmanti Sandro, Carillo Adriana, Catalano Franco, Dell'Aquila Alessandro, Iacono Roberto, Marullo S., Napolitano Ernesto, Palma Massimiliano, et al. , Climate Dynamics, (2024)
A GIS-Based Approach for Shallow Landslides Risk Assessment in the Giampilieri and Briga Catchments Areas (Sicily, Italy), Vegliante, Giulio, Baiocchi Valerio, Falconi Luca Maria, Moretti Lorenzo, Pollino Maurizio, Puglisi Claudio, and Righini Gaia , GeoHazards, Jan-03-2024, Volume 5, Issue 1, p.209 - 232, (2024)
Implementation of an On-Line Reactive Source Apportionment (ORSA) Algorithm in the FARM Chemical-Transport Model and Application over Multiple Domains in Italy, Calori, Giuseppe, Briganti Gino, Uboldi Francesco, Pepe Nicola, D'Elia Ilaria, Mircea Mihaela, Marras Gian Franco, and Piersanti Antonio , Atmosphere, Jan-02-2024, Volume 15, Issue 2, Number 2, p.191, (2024)
Infrared radiative effects of desert dust in the Mediterranean during the long dust season of summer 2021, Pelliccia, Giorgia Proietti, Meloni Daniela, Di Iorio Tatiana, Sferlazzo Damiano Massimo, Pace Giandomenico, and Di Sarra Alcide , RADIATION PROCESSES IN THE ATMOSPHERE AND OCEANRADIATION PROCESSES IN THE ATMOSPHERE AND OCEAN, 2024, Volume 2988, Issue 1, Number 1, Thessaloniki, Greece, (2024)
Innovative Multilayer Electrospun Patches for the Slow Release of Natural Oily Extracts as Dressings to Boost Wound Healing, Fiaschini, Noemi, Carnevali Fiorella, Van der Esch Andrew, Vitali Roberta, Mancuso Mariateresa, Sulli Maria, Diretto Gianfranco, Negroni Anna, and Rinaldi Antonio , Pharmaceutics, Jan-02-2024, Volume 16, Issue 2, p.159, (2024)
Materiale per la Schermatura di Radiazioni Ionizzanti e Metodo per la sua Realizzazione, Rinaldi, Antonio, Giuliani C., Mancuso Mariateresa, De Stefano Ilaria, Pinto Massimo, and Silvestri Claudia , 01/2024, Number 102023000027945, Italia, (2024)
Microbial community composition from full-scale reactors treating mature landfill leachate through innovative biological processes and its importance in mathematical modeling, Langone, Michela, Ferrentino R., Mertz W., Mattioli D., Petta Luigi, and Andreottola G. , Biochemical Engineering Journal, 2024, Volume 204, (2024)
Modeling complete and shortcut simultaneous nitrification and denitrification coupled to phosphorus removal in moving bed biofilm reactors, Lanzetta, A., Mattioli D., Di Capua F., Minieri V., Papirio S., and Esposito G. , Journal of Water Process Engineering, Volume 59, (2024)
Murine Skin Dosimetry Under Millimeter Wave Exposure, Iakovidis, S., Leonardi Simona, Fratini Emiliano, Pazzaglia Simonetta, Mancuso Mariateresa, and Samaras T. , IEEE Journal of Microwaves, p.1-9, (2024)
New Materials for Thermal Barrier Coatings: Design, Manufacturing and Performance, Di Girolamo, G. , Ceramic Coatings for High-Temperature Environments: From Thermal Barrier to Environmental Barrier Applications, Cham, p.3–36, (2024)
A New Method for Selective Extraction of Torularhodin from Red Yeast Using CO2-SFE Technique, Ambrico, Alfredo, Larocca Vincenzo, Trupo Mario, Martino Maria, Magarelli Rosaria Alessandra, Spagnoletta Anna, and Balducchi Roberto , Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, (2024)
New Record Ocean Temperatures and Related Climate Indicators in 2023, Cheng, L., Abraham J., Trenberth K.E., Boyer T., Mann M.E., Zhu J., Wang F., Yu F., Locarnini R., Fasullo J., et al. , Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, (2024)
NLR- and mlo-Based Resistance Mechanisms against Powdery Mildew in Cannabis sativa, Sirangelo, T.M. , Plants, Volume 13, Number 1, (2024)
One-step silver coating of polypropylene surgical mask with antibacterial and antiviral properties, Ferrari, Ivan Vito, Giuntoli Giulia, Pisani Anissa, Cavallo Aida, Mazzetti Paola, Fonnesu Rossella, Rosellini Alfredo, Pistello Mauro, Kayal Tamer Al, Cataldo Antonino, et al. , Heliyon, Volume 10, Number 1, (2024)
Plant-Produced Viral Nanoparticles as a Functionalized Catalytic Support for Metabolic Engineering , Sator, Christian, Lico Chiara, Pannucci Elisa, Marchetti Luca, Baschieri Selene, Warzecha Heribert, and Santi L. , Plants, Jan-02-2024, Volume 13, Issue 4, Number 4, p.503, (2024)
Polymer electrolytes based on protic ionic liquids with perfluorinated anions for safe lithium-ion batteries, Souza, Giselle de Araujo, di Pietro Maria Enrica, Castiglione Franca, Martinez Patricia Fazzio Mar, Fraenza Carla Cecilia, Stallworth Phillip, Greenbaum Steven, Triolo Alessandro, Appetecchi Giovanni Battista, and Mele Andrea , Electrochimica Acta, Volume 474, (2024)
Process Optimization in Laser Welding of IN792 DS Superalloy, Barbieri, Giuseppe, Cognini Francesco, De Crescenzo C., Fava A., Moncada M., Montanari R., Richetta M., and Varone A. , Metals, Volume 14, Number 1, (2024)