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Blueprint for a self-sustained European Centre for service provision in safe and sustainable innovation for nanotechnology, Marcoulaki, E., de Ipiña J.M. López, Vercauteren S., Bouillard J., Himly M., Lynch I., Witters H., Shandilya N., van Duuren-Stuurman B., Kunz V., et al. , NanoImpact, Volume 23, (2021)
Bryozoans: The ‘Forgotten’Bioconstructors, Lombardi, Chiara, Taylor Paul D., and Cocito Silvia , Perspectives on the Marine Animal Forests of the World, Number Springer Nature Switzerland, (2021)
Burkholderia thailandensis E264 as a promising safe rhamnolipids’ producer towards a sustainable valorization of grape marcs and olive mill pomace, Chebbi, A., Tazzari M., Rizzi C., Tovar F.H. Gomez, Villa S., Sbaffoni S., Vaccari M., and Franzetti A. , Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, (2021)