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Process Optimization in Laser Welding of IN792 DS Superalloy

TitoloProcess Optimization in Laser Welding of IN792 DS Superalloy
Tipo di pubblicazioneArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Anno di Pubblicazione2024
AutoriBarbieri, Giuseppe, Cognini Francesco, De Crescenzo C., Fava A., Moncada M., Montanari R., Richetta M., and Varone A.
Type of ArticleArticle

Ni-base superalloys are employed to produce parts of aeronautic engines, space vehicles and power plants. During the production process or lifetime of components, cracks may occur which affect their performance. Reliable repairs can be carried out through high-energy density welding techniques. This work investigated laser welding of the directionally solidified IN792 DS superalloy. The characteristics of the original material and their evolution in the base metal, heat-affected zone and melt zone after laser welding in different conditions and post-welding heat treatment were investigated through micro-hardness tests, light and scanning electron microscopy observations. The study allowed to optimize the process parameters and post-welding heat treatment, obtaining joints without macro-defects, such as cracks and pores, and with properties and microstructures of the melt zone like those of base metal. © 2024 by the authors.


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