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A comparative analysis between material extrusion and other additive manufacturing techniques: Defects, microstructure and corrosion behavior in nickel alloy 625, Carrozza, A., Lorenzi S., Carugo F., Fest-Santini S., Santini M., Marchese G., Barbieri Giuseppe, Cognini Francesco, Cabrini M., and Pastore T. , Materials and Design, Volume 225, (2023)
Concentration and size distribution of atmospheric particles in southern Italy during COVID-19 lockdown period, Conte, M., Dinoi Adelaide, Grasso Fabio Massimo, Merico Eva, Guascito Maria Rachele, and Contini Daniele , Atmospheric Environment, Volume 295, (2023)
Consumer Awareness and Acceptance of Biotechnological Solutions for Gluten-Free Products, Sangiorgio, Paola, Errico Simona, Verardi Alessandra, Massa Silvia, Pagliarello Riccardo, Marusic Carla, Lico Chiara, Presenti Ombretta, Donini Marcello, and Baschieri Selene , Foods, Volume 12, Number 9, (2023)
Co-production pathway of an end-to-end climate service for improved decision-making in the wine sector, Dell'Aquila, Alessandro, Calmanti Sandro, and Ponti Luigi , Climate Services, 04/2023, Volume 30, (2023)
Correction: Tritrophic analysis of the prospective biological control of brown marmorated stink bug, Halyomorpha halys, under extant weather and climate change (Journal of Pest Science, (2023), 10.1007/s10340-023-01610-y), Gutierrez, A.P., G. Peverieri Sabbatini, Ponti Luigi, Giovannini L., Roversi P.F., Mele A., Pozzebon A., Scaccini D., and Hoelmer K.A. , Journal of Pest Science, (2023)
Crocins-rich tomato extracts showed enhanced protective effects in vitro, Morote, L., Lobato-Gómez M., Ahrazem O., Argandoña J., Olmedilla-Alonso B., López-Jiménez A.J., Diretto Gianfranco, Cuciniello R., Bergamo P., Frusciante Sarah, et al. , Journal of Functional Foods, Volume 101, (2023)
Data assimilation experiments over Europe with the Chemical Transport Model FARM, Adani, M., and Uboldi F. , Atmospheric Environment, Volume 306, (2023)
Debris and mud flows runout assessment: a comparison among empirical geometric equations in the Giampilieri and Briga basins (east Sicily, Italy) affected by the event of October 1, 2009, Falconi, Luca, Moretti Lorenzo, Puglisi Claudio, and Righini Gaia , Natural Hazards, 04/2023, (2023)
Deregulation of ζ-carotene desaturase in Arabidopsis and tomato exposes a unique carotenoid-derived redundant regulation of floral meristem identity and function, McQuinn, R.P., Leroux J., Sierra J., Escobar-Tovar L., Frusciante Sarah, Finnegan E.J., Diretto Gianfranco, Giuliano Giovanni, Giovannoni J.J., León P., et al. , Plant Journal, (2023)
Design and characterization of polyurethane based electrospun systems modified with transition metals oxides for protective clothing applications, Viscusi, G., Lamberti E., D'Amico F., Tammaro Loredana, Vigliotta G., and Gorrasi G. , Applied Surface Science, Volume 617, (2023)
Design of a modular controlled unit for the study of bioprocesses: Towards solutions for Bioregenerative Life Support Systems in space, Metelli, Giulio, Lampazzi Elena, Pagliarello Riccardo, Garegnani Marco, Nardi Luca, Calvitti Maurizio, Gugliermetti Luca, Alessi Riccardo Restivo, Benvenuto Eugenio, and Desiderio Angiola , Life Sciences in Space Research, Jan-02-2023, Volume 36, p.8 - 17, (2023)
Designing a novel tomato ideotype for future cultivation in space manned missions, Pagliarello, R., Bennici Elisabetta, Cemmi A., Di Sarcina I., Spelt C., Nardi Luca, Del Fiore Antonella, De Rossi P., Paolini F., Koes R., et al. , Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences, Volume 9, (2023)
Dispersion of SO2 emissions in a gas refinery by AERMOD modeling and human health risk: a case study in the Middle East, Z. Doost, Eslami, Dehghani S., Samaei M.R., Arabzadeh M., Baghapour M.A., Hashemi H., Oskoei V., Mohammadpour A., and De Marco Alessandra , International Journal of Environmental Health Research, (2023)
Do new cement-based mortars pose a significant threat to the aquatic environment?, Accardo, S., Schiavo S., Parrella Luisa, Montereali Maria Rita, Lama G., Verdolotti L., and Manzo Sonia , Chemosphere, Volume 332, (2023)
Dynamic analysis of axially loaded cantilever shear-beam under large deflections with small rotations, Saitta, F. , Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics, Sep-03-2024, (2023)
Editorial: Developing novel materials and new techniques of biological and physical retrospective dosimetry for affected individuals in radiological and nuclear emergencies, Maltar-Strmečki, N., Bortolin E., Kenzhina L., Patrono Clarice, and Testa Antonella , Frontiers in Public Health, Volume 10, (2023)
Editorial: Insights in urban resource management: 2021, Maselli, G., Zucaro Amalia, and Ulgiati S. , Frontiers in Sustainable Cities, Volume 4, (2023)
Editorial: Perspectives for marine energy in the Mediterranean area Volume II, Struglia, Maria Vittoria, Pulselli R.M., Damasiotis M., Mikulčić H., and Bastianoni S. , Frontiers in Energy Research, Sep-01-2023, Volume 10, (2023)
Effect of residual impurities on the behavior and laser-induced damage of oxide coatings exposed to deep space radiation, Wang, Zhi-Hao, Wang Yan-Zhi, He Hong-Bo, Sytchkova Anna, Shen Zi-Cai, Protopapa Maria Lucia, Zhang Yu-Hui, Chen Chang, Chen Yu, Lu Ye-Sheng, et al. , Optical Materials, Jan-06-2023, Volume 140, p.113838, (2023)
Effects of White and Blue-Red Light on Growth and Metabolism of Basil Grown under Microcosm Conditions, d'Aquino, Luigi, Cozzolino R., Nardone G., Borelli G., Gambale E., Sighicelli Maria, Menegoni Patrizia, Modarelli G.C., Rimauro Juri, Chianese E., et al. , Plants, Volume 12, Number 7, (2023)
Efficacy of Hydroponically Cultivated Saffron in the Preservation of Retinal Pigment Epithelium, Di Paolo, Mattia, Corsi Francesca, Maggi Maria, Nardi Luca, Bisti Silvia, Piano Ilaria, and Gargini Claudia , Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), Volume 28, Number 4, (2023)
Energy Performance, Environmental Impacts and Costs of a Drying System: Life Cycle Analysis of Conventional and Heat Recovery Scenarios, Urbano, D.G., Aquino A., and Scrucca Flavio , Energies, Volume 16, Number 3, (2023)
Engineering the production of crocins and picrocrocin in heterologous plant systems, Gomez-Gomez, L., Morote L., Fajardo C.M., Rubio-Moraga A., Frusciante Sarah, Diretto Gianfranco, and Ahrazem O. , Industrial Crops and Products, Volume 194, (2023)
Epigenetic-based antioxidant effect of an ethanolic extract of Corylus avellana L. on THLE-2 human primary hepatocytes, Benassi, Barbara, Bacchetta Loretta, and Pacchierotti Francesca , Natural Product Research, (2023)
E-waste policies and implementation: a global perspective, Castro, F.D., Júnior A.B. Botelho, Bassin J.P., Tenório J., Cutaia Laura, Vaccari M., and Espinosa D. , Waste Management and Resource Recycling in the Developing World, p.271-307, (2023)