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Luca Vitone: Monitoring of Four Living Canvases, Zaratti, Camilla, Brunetti Simona, Fondi Veronica, Alisi Chiara, Prestileo Fernanda, de Caro Tilde, Montorsi Stefania, and Macchia Andrea , Heritage, Volume 7, Number 3, p.1438 – 1452, (2024)
Materiale per la Schermatura di Radiazioni Ionizzanti e Metodo per la sua Realizzazione, Rinaldi, Antonio, Giuliani C., Mancuso Mariateresa, De Stefano Ilaria, Pinto Massimo, and Silvestri Claudia , 01/2024, Number 102023000027945, Italia, (2024)
Microbial community composition from full-scale reactors treating mature landfill leachate through innovative biological processes and its importance in mathematical modeling, Langone, Michela, Ferrentino R., Mertz W., Mattioli D., Petta Luigi, and Andreottola G. , Biochemical Engineering Journal, 2024, Volume 204, (2024)
Modeling complete and shortcut simultaneous nitrification and denitrification coupled to phosphorus removal in moving bed biofilm reactors, Lanzetta, A., Mattioli D., Di Capua F., Minieri V., Papirio S., and Esposito G. , Journal of Water Process Engineering, Volume 59, (2024)
Mortality from extreme meteorological and hydrogeological events in Italy: a rising health threat connected to climate change, Dalmastri, Claudia, and Uccelli Raffaella , Safety in Extreme Environments, Dec-02-2024, (2024)
Murine Skin Dosimetry Under Millimeter Wave Exposure, Iakovidis, S., Leonardi Simona, Fratini Emiliano, Pazzaglia Simonetta, Mancuso Mariateresa, and Samaras T. , IEEE Journal of Microwaves, p.1-9, (2024)
New Materials for Thermal Barrier Coatings: Design, Manufacturing and Performance, Di Girolamo, G. , Ceramic Coatings for High-Temperature Environments: From Thermal Barrier to Environmental Barrier Applications, Cham, p.3–36, (2024)
A New Method for Selective Extraction of Torularhodin from Red Yeast Using CO2-SFE Technique, Ambrico, Alfredo, Larocca Vincenzo, Trupo Mario, Martino Maria, Magarelli Rosaria Alessandra, Spagnoletta Anna, and Balducchi Roberto , Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, (2024)
New Record Ocean Temperatures and Related Climate Indicators in 2023, Cheng, L., Abraham J., Trenberth K.E., Boyer T., Mann M.E., Zhu J., Wang F., Yu F., Locarnini R., Fasullo J., et al. , Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, (2024)
NLR- and mlo-Based Resistance Mechanisms against Powdery Mildew in Cannabis sativa, Sirangelo, T.M. , Plants, Volume 13, Number 1, (2024)
One-step silver coating of polypropylene surgical mask with antibacterial and antiviral properties, Ferrari, Ivan Vito, Giuntoli Giulia, Pisani Anissa, Cavallo Aida, Mazzetti Paola, Fonnesu Rossella, Rosellini Alfredo, Pistello Mauro, Kayal Tamer Al, Cataldo Antonino, et al. , Heliyon, Volume 10, Number 1, (2024)
Plant-Produced Viral Nanoparticles as a Functionalized Catalytic Support for Metabolic Engineering , Sator, Christian, Lico Chiara, Pannucci Elisa, Marchetti Luca, Baschieri Selene, Warzecha Heribert, and Santi L. , Plants, Jan-02-2024, Volume 13, Issue 4, Number 4, p.503, (2024)
Plastic waste recycling in additive manufacturing: Recovery of polypropylene from WEEE for the production of 3D printing filaments, Spirio, Andrea, Arrigo Rossella, Frache Alberto, Tuccinardi Letizia, and Tuffi Riccardo , Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, Volume 12, Number 3, (2024)
Polymer electrolytes based on protic ionic liquids with perfluorinated anions for safe lithium-ion batteries, Souza, Giselle de Araujo, di Pietro Maria Enrica, Castiglione Franca, Martinez Patricia Fazzio Mar, Fraenza Carla Cecilia, Stallworth Phillip, Greenbaum Steven, Triolo Alessandro, Appetecchi Giovanni Battista, and Mele Andrea , Electrochimica Acta, Volume 474, (2024)
Preliminary study on the application of waste bivalve shells as biofiller for the production of asphalt concrete, Caroscio, L., De Pascale B., Tataranni P., Chiavetta Cristian, Lantieri C., and Bonoli A. , Cleaner Engineering and Technology, Volume 20, (2024)
Process Optimization in Laser Welding of IN792 DS Superalloy, Barbieri, Giuseppe, Cognini Francesco, De Crescenzo C., Fava A., Moncada M., Montanari R., Richetta M., and Varone A. , Metals, Volume 14, Number 1, (2024)
Prospective regional analysis of olive and olive fly in Andalusia under climate change using physiologically based demographic modeling powered by cloud computing, Ponti, Luigi, Gutierrez A.P., Giannakopoulos C., Varotsos K.V., J. Nevado López, S. Feria López, González F.W. Rivas, Caboni F., Stocchino F., Rosati A., et al. , Climate Services, Volume 34, (2024)
Re-discovering Prunus fruit varieties as antiangiogenic agents by metabolomic and bioinformatic approach, Cioni, Emily, De Leo Marinella, Cacciola Anna, D'Angelo Valeria, Germanò Maria Paola, Camangi Fabiano, Ricci Dorotea, Fabene Eleonora, Diretto Gianfranco, De Tommasi Nunziatina, et al. , Food Chemistry, Jan-03-2024, Volume 435, p.137574, (2024)
Reuse of green parts for metal material extrusion: A recycling approach for improved sustainability, Bocchi, Sara, D'Urso Gianluca, Giardini Claudio, Carminati Mattia, Borriello Carmela, Tammaro Loredana, and Galvagno Sergio , Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 434, (2024)
Shortwave and longwave components of the surface radiation budget measured at the Thule High Arctic Atmospheric Observatory, Northern Greenland, Meloni, Daniela, Quaglia Filippo Calì, Ciardini Virginia, Di Bernardino Annalisa, Di Iorio Tatiana, Iaccarino Antonio, Muscari Giovanni, Pace Giandomenico, Scarchilli Claudio, and Di Sarra Alcide , Earth System Science Data, Jan-01-2024, Volume 16, Issue 1, p.543 - 566, (2024)
Supercooled liquid water clouds observed over Dome C, Antarctica: temperature sensitivity and cloud radiative forcing, Ricaud, P., Del Guasta M., Lupi A., Roehrig R., Bazile E., Durand P., Attié J.-L., Nicosia A., and Grigioni P. , Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2024, Volume 24, Issue 1, Number 1, p.613 - 630, (2024)
Sustainable strategies: Nature-based solutions to tackle antibiotic resistance gene proliferation and improve agricultural productivity and soil quality, Visca, Andrea, Di Gregorio Luciana, Clagnan Elisa, and Bevivino Annamaria , Environmental Research, 2024, Volume 248, (2024)
Syngas-driven sewage sludge conversion to microbial protein through H2S- and CO-tolerant hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria, Pelagalli, Vincenzo, Matassa Silvio, Race Marco, Langone Michela, Papirio Stefano, Lens Piet N. L., Lazzazzara Marco, Frugis Alessandro, Petta Luigi, and Esposito Giovanni , Water Research, Volume 248, (2024)
Thermal Plasma Spheroidization and Characterization of Stainless Steel Powders Using Direct Current Plasma Technology, Iovane, Pierpaolo, Borriello Carmela, Pandolfi Giuseppe, Portofino Sabrina, Rametta Gabriella, Tammaro Loredana, Fedele Nicola, and Galvagno Sergio , Plasma, Volume 7, Number 1, p.76 – 90, (2024)
Thermal pyrolysis of a real plastic sample from small WEEE and characterization of the produced oil in view of fuel or feedstock uses, Stefano, Luigi Santo, Cafiero Lorenzo M., De Angelis Doina, Pavoni Silvia, Tuffi Riccardo, and Scarsella Marco , Thermal Science and Engineering Progress, Volume 48, (2024)