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Design and characterization of polyurethane based electrospun systems modified with transition metals oxides for protective clothing applications, Viscusi, G., Lamberti E., D'Amico F., Tammaro Loredana, Vigliotta G., and Gorrasi G. , Applied Surface Science, Volume 617, (2023)
Design and Implementation of an Accessible 3D Bioprinter: Benchmarking the Performance of a Home-Made Bioprinter against a Professional Bioprinter, D'Atanasio, Paolo, Fiaschini Noemi, Rinaldi Antonio, Zambotti A., Cantini Lorenzo, Mancuso Mariateresa, and Antonelli Francesca , Applied Sciences (Switzerland), Jan-09-2023, Volume 13, Issue 18, Number 18, p.10213, (2023)
Design of a modular controlled unit for the study of bioprocesses: Towards solutions for Bioregenerative Life Support Systems in space, Metelli, Giulio, Lampazzi Elena, Pagliarello Riccardo, Garegnani Marco, Nardi Luca, Calvitti Maurizio, Gugliermetti Luca, Alessi Riccardo Restivo, Benvenuto Eugenio, and Desiderio Angiola , Life Sciences in Space Research, Jan-02-2023, Volume 36, p.8 - 17, (2023)
Designing a novel tomato ideotype for future cultivation in space manned missions, Pagliarello, R., Bennici Elisabetta, Cemmi A., Di Sarcina I., Spelt C., Nardi Luca, Del Fiore Antonella, De Rossi P., Paolini F., Koes R., et al. , Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences, Volume 9, (2023)
Development of a recycling process of end-of-life thermoplastics reinforced with reclaimed carbon fibers and characterization of the SO manufactured recycled materials, Donatelli, A., Caretto Flavio, Casciaro Giovanni, Marciano' T., Schioppa Monica, Valentino Filiberto, Nacucchi Michele, De Pascalis F., and Scalone Anna Grazia , (2023)
Dielectric properties of epoxy/graphite flakes composites: Influence of loading and surface treatment, Maletic, Slavica, Orsini Natasa Jovic, Milic Mirjana, c Jablan Dojcilovi, and Montone Amelia , J Appl Polym Sci, 11/2023, Volume e54881, (2023)
Direct Growth Of Graphene On Stainless Steel As Protective Layer Against Hydrogen Corrosion, Miglietta, M.L., Polichetti T., Massera E., De Girolamo Del Mauro Anna, and Alfano B. , 2023 IEEE Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Conference, NMDC 2023, p.257 – 258, (2023)
Dispersion of SO2 emissions in a gas refinery by AERMOD modeling and human health risk: a case study in the Middle East, Z. Doost, Eslami, Dehghani S., Samaei M.R., Arabzadeh M., Baghapour M.A., Hashemi H., Oskoei V., Mohammadpour A., and De Marco Alessandra , International Journal of Environmental Health Research, (2023)
Dissolution Reaction and Surface Modification of UICC Amosite in Mimicked Gamble’s Solution: A Step towards Filling the Gap between Asbestos Toxicity and Its Crystal Chemical Features, Pacella, Alessandro, Ballirano Paolo, Di Carlo Maria Cristina, Fantauzzi Marzia, Rossi Antonella, Nardi Elisa, Viti Cecilia, Arrizza Lorenzo, Campopiano Antonella, Cannizzaro Annapaola, et al. , Nanomaterials, Volume 13, Number 22, (2023)
Do new cement-based mortars pose a significant threat to the aquatic environment?, Accardo, S., Schiavo S., Parrella Luisa, Montereali Maria Rita, Lama G., Verdolotti L., and Manzo Sonia , Chemosphere, Volume 332, (2023)
Dually biofortified cisgenic tomatoes with increased flavonoids and branched‐chain amino acids content, Vazquez‐Vilar, Marta, Fernandez‐del‐Carmen Asun, Garcia‐Carpintero Victor, Drapal Margit, Presa Silvia, Ricci Dorotea, Diretto Gianfranco, Rambla Jose Luis, Fernandez‐Muñoz Rafael, Espinosa‐Ruiz Ana, et al. , Plant Biotechnology Journal, Jan-12-2023, Volume 21, Issue 12, p.2683 - 2697, (2023)
Dynamic analysis of axially loaded cantilever shear-beam under large deflections with small rotations, Saitta, F. , Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics, Sep-03-2024, (2023)
Early stage ecological communities on artificial algae showed no difference in diversity and abundance under ocean acidification, Ragazzola, Federica, Nannini Matteo, Raiteri G., Bordone A., Kolzenburg Regina, Romanelli Elisa, Cerrati G., Pacella Danilo, Gabellieri Lori, Andreoli F., et al. , Hydrobiologia, (2023)
Ecotoxicological Assessment of Alento River Catchment a Focus on Microplastic Impact, Accardo, Sara, Schiavo Simona, Parrella Luisa, Di Maiolo Angelo Raffaele, Paolucci Marina, Mercurio Mariano, Gramegna Cristiano, Pasquale Vincenzo, and Manzo Sonia , Springer Water, Volume Part F1637, p.149 – 155, (2023)
Editorial: Developing novel materials and new techniques of biological and physical retrospective dosimetry for affected individuals in radiological and nuclear emergencies, Maltar-Strmečki, N., Bortolin E., Kenzhina L., Patrono Clarice, and Testa Antonella , Frontiers in Public Health, Volume 10, (2023)
Editorial: Insights in urban resource management: 2021, Maselli, G., Zucaro Amalia, and Ulgiati S. , Frontiers in Sustainable Cities, Volume 4, (2023)
Editorial: Perspectives for marine energy in the Mediterranean area Volume II, Struglia, Maria Vittoria, Pulselli R.M., Damasiotis M., Mikulčić H., and Bastianoni S. , Frontiers in Energy Research, Sep-01-2023, Volume 10, (2023)
Effect of biochar on petroleum hydrocarbon degradation and energy production in microbial electrochemical treatment, Ambaye, Teklit Gebregiorg, Formicola Francesca, Sbaffoni Silvia, Milanese Chiara, Franzetti Andrea, and Vaccari Mentore , Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, Volume 11, Number 5, (2023)
Effect of Citrus bergamia extract on lipid profile: A combined in vitro and human study, Pierdomenico, Maria, Cicero A.F.G., Veronesi M., Fogacci F., Riccioni C., and Benassi Barbara , Phytotherapy Research, (2023)
Effect of residual impurities on the behavior and laser-induced damage of oxide coatings exposed to deep space radiation, Wang, Zhi-Hao, Wang Yan-Zhi, He Hong-Bo, Sytchkova Anna, Shen Zi-Cai, Protopapa Maria Lucia, Zhang Yu-Hui, Chen Chang, Chen Yu, Lu Ye-Sheng, et al. , Optical Materials, Jan-06-2023, Volume 140, p.113838, (2023)
Effect of Ti-Based Additives on the Hydrogen Storage Properties of MgH2: A Review, Jangir, Mukesh, Jain Indra Prabh, and Mirabile Gattia Daniele , Hydrogen (Switzerland), Volume 4, Number 3, p.523 – 541, (2023)
Effects of gamma radiation on engineered tomato biofortified for space agriculture by morphometry and fluorescence-based indices, Pagliarello, Riccardo, Bennici Elisabetta, Di Sarcina Ilaria, Villani Maria Elena, Desiderio Angiola, Nardi Luca, Benvenuto Eugenio, Cemmi A., and Massa Silvia , Frontiers in Plant Science, Volume 14, (2023)
Effects of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Field (RF-EMF) exposure on pregnancy and birth outcomes: A systematic review of experimental studies on non-human mammals, Cordelli, Eugenia, Ardoino L., Benassi Barbara, Consales Claudia, Eleuteri Patrizia, Marino Carmela, Sciortino M., Villani Paola, Brinkworth Martin H., Chen Guangdi, et al. , Environment International, Jan-10-2023, Volume 180, p.108178, (2023)
Effects of the Application of a Plant-Based Compost on Yield and Quality of Industrial Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) Grown in Different Soils, Cozzolino, E., Salluzzo Antonio, Piano L.D., Tallarita A.V., Cenvinzo V., Cuciniello A., Cerbone A., Lombardi P., and Caruso G. , Applied Sciences (Switzerland), Volume 13, Number 14, (2023)
Effects of White and Blue-Red Light on Growth and Metabolism of Basil Grown under Microcosm Conditions, d'Aquino, Luigi, Cozzolino R., Nardone G., Borelli G., Gambale E., Sighicelli Maria, Menegoni Patrizia, Modarelli G.C., Rimauro Juri, Chianese E., et al. , Plants, Volume 12, Number 7, (2023)