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Second training sessione on the reduction of product enviromental footprint in agrifood sector.

Last 26th of January, from 09.00 to 12.00, PEFMED PLUS organised the second training session of “Training of trainees” to present different tools produced during PEFMED project, especially the product environmental footprint tool with a showcase studied on the olive oil product.

This was the second successful training session for PEFMED PLUS partners from Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro: it was focused on tools and guidelines which can be used to reduce the product environmental footprint of agri-food products. More than 20 participants, including 3 experts on environmental evaluation of food product, and 17 participants who also attended the 1st training session [for materials have a look at this LINK]. For this session, three speakers were involved: 

  •  Ms. Estelle Marin, from CRITT AGROALIMENTAIRE PACA, who introduced PEFMED Wiki Platform and its tools.
  • Ms. Antonella Del Fiore, from ENEA, who presented info sheets.
  • Mr. François Leroy, from ITERG, who focused on PEF tool for olive oil products.

The aim of this webinar was to provide Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin partners with tools and methodologies on how to reduce the product environmental footprint of their agri-food production, thus greening their products. During this session 60 info-sheets were presented, and a real case study on an olive oil product was performed online with the PEF tool developed during PEFMED project. Participants received all materials, guidelines and tools described during the online session to further develop their knowledge.

Are you curious to discover more about PEF tools? Have a look at the materials down below used by our distinguished speakers and watch the video recording of the session (passcode: !VbM1HR8).