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FoodSafety4EU Project - Let us know your opinion on the EU food safety system !

The FoodSafety4EU partners are starting to explore the routes of Food Safety in Europe to update knowledge, information and discover how to improve it for the future!

One of the aims of FOODSAFETY4EU is to improve the Food Safety System in Europe by collecting information from different consumers, industries, research organizations, academia, institutions in individual EU Member States and Associated Countries.

We’re conducting 3 surveys to gather valuable information, feedbacks, opinions from a wide public.

The surveys – launched in May 2021 – will be concluded respectively by August 2021 (consumers and business surveys) and by mid October 2021 (research fundings survey). They are available in several languages!

The survey results in our next actions to co-create the future European Food Safety strategies and policies for the  European Commission including input from all EU!

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