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Tomato Plant and Fruit Phenotyping Training Course

The training course consists of two parts: the first part (3rd July) will be blended in person and on-line and will consist in the visualization of a series of videos explaining different phenotypic traits that allow understanding tomato diversity. This theoretical part will be completed with practical lessons in the greenhouse (4th July). The second part will consist in actual phenotyping of a large and diverse collection of tomato accessions from the repository of the HARNESSTOM project and this will take place at the greenhouses of the MVCRI. Trainees will be guided by expert trainers in the phenotyping activity. Students, technicians, researchers, farmers and citizens interested in plant phenotyping are invited to join this training course.

Meeting in person will take place at: Maritsa Vegetable Crops Research Institute

Participation is free, but prior registration is required. Please register at:
Dateline for registration: 30/06/2023. For online participants, the link will be sent once registration has been completed.


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