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AIMS cluster

AIMS is a cluster of four projects funded under the same EU Horizon 2020 topic (FNR-11-2020) : “Prospecting aquatic and terrestrial natural biological resources for biologically active compounds”. The cluster of Algae4IBD, InnCoCells, MARBLES and SECRETed H2020 projects aims to address common challenges and follow joint dissemination and communication activities adding value to each project individually and the cluster as a whole.

Key goals of the cluster are:

● Bridge the gaps among the 4 projects
● Identify common methodological challenges in standardization, certification and safety
● Investigate for complementary methods and activities
● Plan joint dissemination and communication activities
● Build the capacity of channels to reach stakeholders and the general public
● Identify possibilities for joint exploitation activities


InnCoCells Project Factsheet


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