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2nd Joint Workshop of IMPRESA project   “IMProving RESilience to Abiotic Stresses in durum wheat” 

The II International workshop of PRIMA project IMPRESA has just been held (7 -10 February 2023) in Tunisia at the Centre of Biotechnology of Sfax, organized by the professor Faiçal Brini, Principal Investigator of the project for Tunisia, and his collaborators. As stated in its acronym IMPRESA (IMProving RESilience to Abiotic stresses in durum wheat: enhancing knowledge by genetic, physiological and “omics” approaches and increasing Mediterranean germplasm biodiversity by crop wild relatives-based introgressiomics) the project aims to improve the wheat capacity to face abiotic stresses (heat, drought, soil salinity) affecting durum wheat (DW) across the Mediterranean basin. Increasing DW germplasm biodiversity by crop wild relatives-based introgressiomioc approach and integrating basic and applied research are some of specific goals of the project. During the workshop transnational contributions of the different partenrs have been presented with very promising results in terms of production and/or selection of more resilient lines/varieties and of development of new basic knowledge. The event brought together academic scientists, researchers and students to share and discuss with a wider audience current and emerging challenges which increasingly affect durum wheat security in Mediterranean countries.



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