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RoxyCOST Action - Oxygen sensing and fruit quality

RoxyCost Action

The ENEA Biotechnology Laboratory is cooperating, as a partner, with RoxyCost. This is a Coast Action that aim to bring major breakthroughs in the understanding of fruit physiology, thus providing new targets to control fruit quality and post-harvest shelf life. The research will implement advanced methodologies and concepts and will significantly enhance European competitiveness through promoting training of early stage researchers in cutting-edge technologies. By combining studies on different models this Cost Action will lead to advances that will translate into novel practices and technologies to improve fruit sensory and nutritional qualities.  RoxyCost is promoting also a training school to give both a theoretical and practical (hands on) introduction to Plant metabolomics and is aimed to scientists who have little or no practical experience of metabolomics/metabolite profile approaches. The course will take place at Royal Holloway, University of London from July 4th to 6th 2022. The application deadline is May 6th.


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