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Evidence of unprecedented high electronic conductivity in mammalian pigment based eumelanin thin films after thermal annealing in Vacuum, Migliaccio, L., Manini P., Altamura D., Giannini C., Tassini Paolo, Maglione Maria Grazia, Minarini Carla, and Pezzella A. , Frontiers in Chemistry, Volume 7, Number MAR, (2019)
Luminescent cis-Iridium(III) Complex Based on a Bis(6,7-dimethoxy-3,4-dihydroisoquinoline) Platform Featuring an Unusual cis Orientation of the CandN Ligands: From a Theoretical Approach to a Deep Red LEEC Device, Criscuolo, V., Prontera C.T., Pavone M., Crescenzi O., Maglione Maria Grazia, Tassini Paolo, Lettieri S., Maddalena P., Borriello Carmela, Minarini Carla, et al. , ACS Omega, Volume 4, Number 1, p.2009-2018, (2019)
Pressureless sintering of ZnO thin film on plastic substrate via vapor annealing process at near-room temperature, Sico, G., Montanino M., Ventre M., Mollo V., Prontera C.T., Minarini Carla, and Magnani G. , Scripta Materialia, Volume 164, p.48-51, (2019)
Sustainable, fluorine-free, low cost and easily processable materials for hydrophobic coatings on flexible plastic substrates, Prontera, C.T., Sico G., Montanino M., De Girolamo Del Mauro Anna, Tassini Paolo, Maglione Maria Grazia, Minarini Carla, and Manini P. , Materials, Volume 12, Number 14, (2019)
Thermal Plasma Synthesis of Zirconia Powder and Preparation of Premixed Ca-Doped Zirconia, Iovane, Pierpaolo, Borriello Carmela, Portofino Sabrina, De Girolamo Del Mauro Anna, Magnani G., Minarini Carla, and Galvagno Sergio , Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing, Volume 39, Number 6, p.1397-1411, (2019)
Analysis of the persistent photoresponse of C8BTBT transistors in the near-bandgap spectral region, Miscioscia, Riccardo, Loffredo Fausta, Nenna G., Villani Fulvia, Minarini Carla, Petrosino M., Rubino A., Denti M., and Facchetti A. , Organic Electronics: physics, materials, applications, Volume 30, p.83-91, (2016)
Dispositivo e Sistema di Misura, Miscioscia, Riccardo, Citarella A., Pascarella F., Pandolfi G., Loffredo Fausta, Villani Fulvia, Fasolino Tommaso, Minarini Carla, and Quercia L. , 07/2016, Volume 102016000079657, Number 102016000079657, Italia, (2016)
Electron beam curing technology for very high-throughput manufacturing of flexible alternating current powder electroluminescent devices, Minarini, Carla, Maglione Maria Grazia, Tassini Paolo, and Sico G. , IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRON DEVICES, Volume 63, (2016)
Elucidating the origin of the improved current output in inverted polymer solar cells, Morvillo, Pasquale, Ricciardi Rosa, Nenna G., Bobeico E., Diana R., and Minarini Carla , Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, Volume 152, p.51-58, (2016)
End-of-Waste SiC-Based Flexible Substrates with Tunable Electrical Properties for Electronic Applications, De Girolamo Del Mauro, Anna, Galvagno Sergio, Nenna G., Miscioscia Riccardo, Minarini Carla, and Portofino Sabrina , Langmuir, Volume 32, Number 41, p.10497-10504, (2016)
High performance inverted polymer solar cells with solution processed metal oxides as electron transport layers: A comparative study, Morvillo, Pasquale, Diana R., Nenna G., Bobeico E., Ricciardi Rosa, and Minarini Carla , Thin Solid Films, Volume 617, p.126-132, (2016)
Insight into the current output of polymer solar cells: A comparison between the standard and inverted architecture, Morvillo, Pasquale, Ricciardi Rosa, Bobeico E., and Minarini Carla , IET Conference Publications, Volume 2016, Number CP704, (2016)
Polymers for application in organic solar cells: Bithiophene can work better than thienothiophene when coupled to benzodithiophene, Parenti, F., Ricciardi Rosa, Diana R., Morvillo Pasquale, Fontanesi C., Tassinari F., Schenetti L., Minarini Carla, and Mucci A. , Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry, Volume 54, Number 11, p.1603-1614, (2016)