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Comparative life cycle assessment of the ground source heat pump vs air source heat pump, Violante, A.C., Donato F., Guidi G., and Proposito Marco , Renewable Energy, Volume 188, p.1029-1037, (2022)
A comprehensive analysis of carotenoids metabolism in two red-fleshed mutants of Navel and Valencia sweet oranges (Citrus sinensis), Zacarías-García, J., Cronje P.J., Diretto Gianfranco, Zacarías L., and Rodrigo M.J. , Frontiers in Plant Science, Volume 13, (2022)
The contribution and potential of Industrial Symbiosis for the ecological transition. , Beltrani, Tiziana, and La Monica Marco , SymbiosisUsers Network-Sun Proceedings of the fifth SUN Conference, October 27th 2021, 10/2021, (2022)
Contribution of Genetic Background to the Radiation Risk for Cancer and Non-Cancer Diseases in Ptch1+/- Mice, De Stefano, Ilaria, Leonardi Simona, Casciati Arianna, Pasquali Emanuela, Giardullo Paola, Antonelli Francesca, Novelli Flavia, Babini G., Tanori Mirella, Tanno Barbara, et al. , Radiation research, Volume 197, Number 1, p.43-56, (2022)
Conversion of Marine Plastic Litter into Chemicals and Fuels through Catalytic Pyrolysis Using Commercial and Coal Fly Ash-Synthesized Zeolites, Cocchi, Marco, Cafiero Lorenzo M., De Angelis Doina, Falasconi Maria Beatrice, Piemonte Vincenzo, Tuffi Riccardo, and Ciprioti Stefano Vecchio , ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, (2022)
Correction to: Out‑of‑field effects: lessons learned from partial body exposure (Radiation and Environmental Biophysics, (2022), 61, 4, (485-504), 10.1007/s00411-022-00988-0), Pazzaglia, Simonetta, Eidemüller M., Lumniczky K., Mancuso Mariateresa, Ramadan R., Stolarczyk L., and Moertl S. , Radiation and Environmental Biophysics, (2022)
Correction to: Out‑of‑field effects: lessons learned from partial body exposure (Radiation and Environmental Biophysics, (2022), 10.1007/s00411-022-00988-0), Pazzaglia, Simonetta, Eidemüller M., Lumniczky K., Mancuso Mariateresa, Ramadan R., Stolarczyk L., and Moertl S. , Radiation and Environmental Biophysics, (2022)
CRISPR-Cas9 Targeting of the eIF4E1 Gene Extends the Potato Virus Y Resistance Spectrum of the Solanum tuberosum L. cv. Desirée, Lucioli, Alessandra, Tavazza Raffaela, Baima Simona, Fatyol Karoly, Burgyan Jozsef, and Tavazza Mario , Frontiers in Microbiology, Jan-06-2022, Volume 13, (2022)
Critical issues hindering a widespread construction and demolition waste (CDW) recycling practice in EU countries and actions to undertake: The stakeholder's perspective, Luciano, Antonella, Cutaia Laura, Altamura P., and Penalvo E. , Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy, Volume 29, (2022)
Crop and income diversification for rural adaptation: Insights from Ugandan panel data, Antonelli, C., Coromaldi M., and Pallante G. , Ecological Economics, Volume 195, (2022)
Data-Driven Building Energy Modelling – Generalisation Potential of Energy Signatures Through Interpretable Machine Learning, Manfren, Massimiliano, Tommasino Maria Cristina, and Tronchin Lamberto , Building Simulation Applications, Volume 2022-June, p.255 – 263, (2022)
Definition of the parameters for the densification of ceramics by two-step solid state sintering, Salernitano, E., Grilli Selene, Mazzanti Francesca, Fabbri Paride, and Magnani G. , Open Ceramics, Volume 9, (2022)
Design and Characterization of Myristoylated and Non-Myristoylated Peptides Effective against Candida spp. Clinical Isolates, Bugli, F., Massaro F., Buonocore F., Saraceni P.R., Borocci S., Ceccacci F., Bombelli C., Di Vito M., Marchitiello R., Mariotti M., et al. , International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Volume 23, Number 4, (2022)
Design and Manufacturing of Antibacterial Electrospun Polysulfone Membranes Functionalized by Ag Nanocoating via Magnetron Sputtering, Fiaschini, N., Giuliani C., Vitali Roberta, Tammaro Loredana, Valerini D., and Rinaldi A. , Nanomaterials, Volume 12, Number 22, (2022)
Design of a Diagnostic Immunoassay for Aflatoxin M1 Based on a Plant-Produced Antibody, Capodicasa, Cristina, Bastiani Erica, Serra Thea, Anfossi Laura, and Catellani Marcello , Toxins, Volume 14, Number 12, (2022)
Designing a Waste-Based Culture Medium for the Production of Plant Growth Promoting Microorganisms Based on Cladodes Juice from Opuntia ficus-indica Pruning, Magarelli, Rosaria Alessandra, Trupo Mario, Ambrico Alfredo, Larocca Vincenzo, Martino Maria, Palazzo S., Balducchi Roberto, Joutsjoki Vesa, Pihlanto Anne, and Bevivino Annamaria , Fermentation, Jan-05-2022, Volume 8, Issue 5, p.225, (2022)
Development of a predictive model of the microbial inactivation of L. monocytogenes during low thermal treatment of fruit juices in combination with carvacrol as aroma compound, Tchuenchieu, Alex, Kamdem Sylvain Sado, Bevivino Annamaria, Etoa Francois-Xavier, and Ngang Jean-Justin Essia , Current Research in Food Science, Jan-01-2022, Volume 5, p.374 - 381, (2022)
Differential impact of government lockdown policies on reducing air pollution levels and related mortality in Europe, Schneider, R., Masselot P., Vicedo-Cabrera A.M., Sera F., Blangiardo M., Forlani C., Douros J., Jorba O., Adani Mario, Kouznetsov R., et al. , Scientific Reports, Volume 12, Number 1, p.726, (2022)
The EC-Earth3 Earth system model for the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project 6, Döscher, R., Acosta M., Alessandri A., Anthoni P., Arsouze T., Bergman T., Bernardello R., Boussetta S., Caron L.-P., Carver G., et al. , Geoscientific Model Development, Volume 15, Number 7, p.2973-3020, (2022)
Echium vulgare and Echium plantagineum: A Comparative Study to Evaluate Their Inclusion in Mediterranean Urban Green Roofs, Latini, A., Papagni I., Gatti L., De Rossi Patrizia, Campiotti A., Giagnacovo G., Mirabile Gattia Daniele, and Mariani S. , Sustainability (Switzerland), Volume 14, Number 15, (2022)
Ecotoxicological and genotoxic effects of dimethyl phthalate (DMP) on Lemna minor L. and Spirodela polyrhiza (L.) Schleid. plants under a short-term laboratory assay, Pietrini, Fabrizio, Iannilli Valentina, Passatore Laura, Carloni Serena, Sciacca Giulia, Cerasa Marina, and Zacchini Massimo , Science of The Total Environment, 2022/02/01/, Volume 806, p.150972, (2022)
Editorial: Engineering the Plant Biofactory for the Production of Biologics and Small-Molecule Medicines—Volume 2, De Martinis, D., Hitzeroth I.I., Matsuda R., N. Pérez Soto, and Benvenuto Eugenio , Frontiers in Plant Science, Volume 13, (2022)
Editorial: Plant-Production Platforms for Veterinary Biopharmaceuticals, Baschieri, Selene, Menassa R., Klement E., and Donini Marcello , Frontiers in Plant Science, Volume 13, (2022)
EFFECT OF MACRO- AND MICROSTRUCTURAL FEATURES ON THE CORROSION BEHAVIOR OF ADDITIVELY MANUFACTURED ALLOY 625, Cabrini, M., Carugo F., Carrozza A., Lorenzi S., Pastore T., Barbieri Giuseppe, and Cognini Francesco , ESSC and DUPLEX 2022 - 11th European Stainless Steel Conference - Science and Market and 7th European Duplex Stainless Steel Conference and Exhibition, (2022)
Effects of aerosols reduction on the Asian summer monsoon prediction: the case of summer 2020, Cherchi, Annalisa, Alessandri Andrea, Tourigny Etienne, Navarro Juan C. Acosta, Ortega Pablo, Davini Paolo, Volpi Danila, Catalano Franco, and van Noije Twan , EGU General Assembly, (2022)