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Ecological impacts of atmospheric pollution and interactions with climate change in terrestrial ecosystems of the Mediterranean Basin: Current research and future directions, Ochoa-Hueso, R., Munzi S., Alonso R., Arróniz-Crespo M., Avila A., Bermejo V., Bobbink R., Branquinho C., Concostrina-Zubiri L., Cruz C., et al. , Environmental Pollution, Volume 227, p.194-206, (2017)
Epidemiological analysis of ozone and nitrogen impacts on vegetation – Critical evaluation and recommendations, Braun, S., Achermann B., De Marco Alessandra, Pleijel H., Karlsson P.E., Rihm B., Schindler C., and Paoletti E. , Science of the Total Environment, Volume 603-604, p.785-792, (2017)
Five-year volume growth of European beech does not respond to ozone pollution in Italy, Paoletti, E., De Marco Alessandra, Anav A., Gasparini P., and Pompei E. , Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 25, Number 9, p.1-7, (2017)
Ozone exposure affects tree defoliation in a continental climate, De Marco, Alessandra, Vitale M., Popa I., Anav A., Badea O., Silaghi D., Leca S., Screpanti A., and Paoletti E. , Science of the Total Environment, Volume 596-597, p.396-404, (2017)
Response on ‘comparing concentration-based (AOT40) and stomatal uptake (PODY) metrics for ozone risk assessment to European forests’, Anav, A., De Marco Alessandra, Sicard P., Vitale M., and Paoletti E. , Global Change Biology, Volume 23, Number 2, p.e3-e4, (2017)
The role of plant phenology in stomatal ozone flux modeling, Anav, A., Liu Q., De Marco Alessandra, Proietti C., Savi F., Paoletti E., and Piao S. , Global Change Biology, Volume 24, Number 1, p.235-248, (2017)
A spatially-explicit method to assess the dry deposition of air pollution by urban forests in the city of Florence, Italy, Bottalico, F., Travaglini D., Chirici G., Garfì V., Giannetti F., De Marco Alessandra, Fares S., Marchetti M., Nocentini S., Paoletti E., et al. , Urban Forestry and Urban Greening, Volume 27, p.221-234, (2017)
Stomatal conductance models for ozone risk assessment at canopy level in two Mediterranean evergreen forests, Hoshika, Y., Fares S., Savi F., Gruening C., Goded I., De Marco Alessandra, Sicard P., and Paoletti E. , Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, Volume 234-235, p.212-221, (2017)
Geostatistics as a validation tool for setting ozone standards for durum wheat, De Marco, Alessandra, Screpanti A., and Paoletti E. , Environmental Pollution, Volume 158, Number 2, p.536-542, (2010)