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Adsorption of Modified Arg, Lys, Asp, and Gln to Dry and Hydrated ZnO Surface: A Density Functional Theory Study, Buonocore, F., Arcangeli C., Gala F., Zollo G., and Celino M. , Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Volume 119, Number 35, p.11791-11797, (2015)
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An Integrated Approach to Identify Water Resources for Human Consumption in an Area Affected by High Natural Arsenic Content, Armiento, G., Baiocchi A., Cremisini C., Crovato C., Lotti F., Lucentini L., Mazzuoli M., Nardi Elisa, Piscopo V., Proposito Marco, et al. , Water (Switzerland), Volume 7, Number 9, p.5078-5090, (2015)
Metrics of ozone risk assessment for Southern European forests: Canopy moisture content as a potential plant response indicator, De Marco, A., Sicard P., Vitale M., Carriero G., Renou C., and Paoletti E. , Atmospheric Environment, Volume 120, p.182-190, (2015)
Numerical models to evaluate the temperature increase induced by ex vivo microwave thermal ablation, Cavagnaro, M., Pinto Rosanna, and Lopresto Vanni , Physics in Medicine and Biology, Volume 60, Number 8, p.3287-3311, (2015)