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Nanostructured porous silicon for gas sensor applications

TitoloNanostructured porous silicon for gas sensor applications
Tipo di pubblicazioneArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Anno di Pubblicazione2002
AutoriDi Francia, G., M. Noce Della, La Ferrara V., Lancellotti L., Morvillo Pasquale, and Quercia L.
RivistaMaterials Science and Technology
Parole chiavechemical reaction, chemical structure, conference paper, device, Electric conductivity, environment, gas analysis, Membrane, molecular model, Photoluminescence, polarimetry, Porosity, sensor

The response of two different types of nanostructured gas sensor to oxygen has been investigated. The first (optical) is based on the photoluminescence quenching effect of a porous silicon sample, the second on the changes of the electrical conductance v. environment of a porous silicon free standing membrane on an insulating neutral substrate. The response of both the devices to oxygen have been measured and compared. The optical based gas sensor exhibits a quenching following the Stern - Volmer model. The corresponding reactivity rate constant is found to depend on a characteristic nanodimension of the wire. The electrically operated sensor is more sensitive to oxygen and shows an opposite behavior if exposed to a reducing environment. © 2002 IoM Communications Ltd.


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