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Effect of Ti- Additives on hydrogenation/dehydrogenation properties of MgH2

TitoloEffect of Ti- Additives on hydrogenation/dehydrogenation properties of MgH2
Tipo di pubblicazionePresentazione a Congresso
Anno di Pubblicazione2019
AutoriJangir, M., Mirabile Gattia Daniele, Peter A., and Jain I.P.
Conference NameAIP Conference Proceedings
EditoreAmerican Institute of Physics Inc.

Hydrogenation properties were investigated on the effect of Ti-based catalysis TiF4, TiO2 and TiH2 on MgH2. All these additives significantly improved the dehydrogenation performances of MgH2 but among them TiF4 shows best catalytic effect followed by TiO2 and TiH2 sequentially. Activation energy of dehydrogenation was calculated by using Kissinger's equation. By adding Ti based additives activation energy is reduced to various degrees. Best result obtained for the MgH2+10 wt% TiF4. Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and XPS studies showed the formation of different active species due to the catalytic effects on hydrogenation/dehydrogenation kinetics. © 2019 American Institute of Physics Inc.. All rights reserved.

Citation KeyJangir2019