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The fracture process in quasi-brittle materials simulated using a lattice dynamical model

TitoloThe fracture process in quasi-brittle materials simulated using a lattice dynamical model
Tipo di pubblicazioneArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Anno di Pubblicazione2019
AutoriBirck, G., Rinaldi Antonio, and Iturrioz I.
RivistaFatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials and Structures
Parole chiaveBrittleness, Constitutive relations, Cracks, Damage detection, Damage localization, Damage mechanics, Discrete element modeling, Fracture, Fracture mechanics, Lattice methods, Material imperfections, Network configuration, Quasibrittle material

The damage process in quasi-brittle materials is characterized by the evolution of a micro-crack field, followed by the joining of micro-cracks, stress localization and crack instability. In network models, masses are lumped at nodal points which are interconnected by one-dimensional elements with a bilinear constitutive relation, considering the energy consistency during the simulated process. In order to replicate the material imperfections, to render a realistic behaviour in damage localization, the model has not only random elastic and rupture properties, but also a geometric perturbation. In the present paper 2D plates with different levels of brittleness are simulated. The numerical results are presented in terms of global stress vs strain diagram, final network configuration, energy balance during the process and as geometric damage evolution. Therefore, the predictive potential of the lattice discrete element model to capture fracture processes in quasi-brittle materials is demonstrated. © 2019 Wiley Publishing Ltd.


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