Biofuels production by biomass gasification: A review

TitoloBiofuels production by biomass gasification: A review
Tipo di pubblicazioneArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Anno di Pubblicazione2018
AutoriMolino, Antonio, Larocca Vincenzo, Chianese S., and Musmarra D.
Parole chiavebiofuels, Biomass, Biomass Gasification, Chemical reactors, Dimethyl ethers, Entrained Flow Reactor, Ethanol, Ethers, Feedstocks, Fluid catalytic cracking, Fluidized bed reactors, Fluidized beds, Gasification, Gasification technologies, Hydrogen, Methanol, Natural gas, Operating gasification parameters, Operating parameters, Synthesis gas, Synthetic natural gas

The production of biofuels from renewable sources is a major challenge in research. Methanol, ethanol, dimethyl ether (DME), synthetic natural gas (SNG), and hydrogen can be produced from syngas which is the result of the gasification of biomasses. Syngas composition varies according to the gasification technology used (such as fixed bed reactors, fluidized bed reactors, entrained flow reactors), the feedstock characteristics, and the operating parameters. This paper presents a review of the predominant biomass gasification technologies and biofuels obtained from syngas by biomass gasification. © 2018 by the authors.


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