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Three-dimensional modelling of arsita town in the framework of the reconstruction

TitoloThree-dimensional modelling of arsita town in the framework of the reconstruction
Tipo di pubblicazioneArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Anno di Pubblicazione2013
AutoriGeremei, F., Moretti Lorenzo, Marzo Anna, Marghella Giuseppe, and Indirli Maurizio
RivistaCivil-Comp Proceedings
Parole chiaveActual environments, Arsita reconstruction plan, Building inventory, Computer aided design, Computer aided engineering, Environmental engineering, Facsimile, geographic information systems, GIS-database, Laser scanner, Three dimensional, Three-dimensional model, Three-dimensional modelling, Virtual

The paper deals with the three-dimensional model of the whole historical centre of Arsita, a small town in Abruzzo that was hit by the 2009 earthquake. This model was established in the framework of the reconstruction plan of the city. The modelling was carried out by means of the VNS3 software, from 3DNature, which allows the realization of a virtual geo-referred reproduction to be built within the actual environment, starting from both geometrical and photographic data. In particular, the geometrical survey data collected by a laser scanner instrument, in addition to the main facades images, have been linked to a geo-referred map of the region, with the aid of the VNS3 software. As a consequence a representation of the country has been provided, which can be visualized and "virtually crossed". Moreover, for each building of the country, all the useful information can be associated, by means of a GIS database, which can be connected to the 3D geo-referred model. So, the required information can be obtained by means of proper queries. Finally, the model can be managed and updated in real time, according to the reconstruction plan of the city. © Civil-Comp Press, 2013.


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