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Section Logistic support for experimental systems and safety

The Section supports the Department Director in the management of the workplace with reference both to the logistical and safety aspects of the experimental systems, technological halls and laboratories and for the fulfillment of current safety regulations.

The Section plays its role according with the SSPT Divisions and has competences in all the offices of the Agency where the Department's activities take place, ensuring a harmonized approach in the different Centers.

In particular, the Section supports the Department Director in identifying risk factors deriving from work activities and drafting the Risk Assessment Document; in verifying the correct application of legislation, company rules and procedures relating to prevention, protection, safety and health of Department workers.

The Section supports also the Department in the:

  • definition of a plan to rationalize the Department's work spaces;
  • definition of a priority plan for logistic/functional interventions in laboratories and technological halls; 
  • planning and proposing interventions for the adaptation and improvement of safety conditions in the workplace; 
  • design and proposal of a workplace safety management model related to the Department;
  • planning and organization of mandatory safety training for Department workers.