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Long-term durability study of perfluoropolymer membranes in low humidification conditions, Pozio, A., Cemmi A., Mura F., Masci A., Serra Emanuele, and Silva R.F. , Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, Volume 15, Number 6, p.1209-1216, (2011)
Characterization of gas diffusion electrodes for polymer electrolyte fuel cells, Pozio, A., Cemmi A., Carewska M., Paoletti C., and Zaza F. , Journal of Fuel Cell Science and Technology, Volume 7, Number 4, p.0410031-0410037, (2010)
PEFC electrodes based on carbon black supporting electrocrystallised nanostructured Pt particles, Paoletti, C., Cemmi A., Serra Emanuele, and Pozio A. , International Journal of Nanomanufacturing, Volume 5, Number 1-2, p.179-193, (2010)
Electro-deposited platinum on activated multiwall carbon nanotubes: Single-cell tests, morphological and electrochemical characterizations, Cemmi, A., Paoletti C., Pozio A., and Serra Emanuele , EFC 2009 - Piero Lunghi Conference, Proceedings of the 3rd European Fuel Cell Technology and Applications Conference, p.327-328, (2009)
Electro-deposition on carbon black and carbon nanotubes of Pt nanostructured catalysts for methanol oxidation, Paoletti, C., Cemmi A., Giorgi L., Giorgi R., Pilloni L., Serra Emanuele, and Pasquali M. , Journal of Power Sources, Volume 183, Number 1, p.84-91, (2008)
Radiation effects on platinum nanostructured electrocatalysts for polymer electrolyte fuel cells, Cemmi, A., Paoletti C., Pozio A., Baccaro S., Giorgi L., and Serra Emanuele , Astroparticle, Particle and Space Physics, Detectors and Medical Physics Applications - Proceedings of the 10th Conference, Como, p.540-546, (2008)