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On the Radiative Impact of Biomass-Burning Aerosols in the Arctic: The August 2017 Case Study, Quaglia, Filippo Calì, Meloni Daniela, Muscari Giovanni, Di Iorio Tatiana, Ciardini Virginia, Pace G., Becagli Silvia, Di Bernardino Annalisa, Cacciani Marco, Hannigan James W., et al. , Remote Sensing, Jan-01-2022, Volume 14, Issue 2, Number 2, p.313, (2022)
Radon metrology for use in climate change observation and radiation protection at the environmental level, Röttger, S., Röttger A., Grossi C., Vargas A., Karstens U., Cinelli Giorgia, Chung E., Kikaj D., Rennick C., Mertes F., et al. , Advances in Geosciences, Volume 57, p.37-47, (2022)
Recovery material from a new designed surgical face mask: A complementary approach based on mechanical and thermo-chemical recycling, Occasi, G., De Angelis Doina, Scarsella M., Tammaro Marco, Tuccinardi Letizia, and Tuffi Riccardo , Journal of Environmental Management, Volume 324, (2022)
Recycling technologies for fibre-reinforced plastic composite materials: A bibliometric analysis using a systematic approach, Colombo, Beatrice, Gaiardelli Paolo, Dotti Stefano, and Caretto Flavio , Journal of Composite Materials, May-06-2023, p.002199832211098, (2022)
On the Redox-Activity and Health-Effects of Atmospheric Primary and Secondary Aerosol: Phenomenology, Costabile, F., Decesari S., Vecchi R., Lucarelli F., Curci G., Massabò D., Rinaldi M., Gualtieri Maurizio, Corsini E., Menegola E., et al. , Atmosphere, Volume 13, Number 5, (2022)
Resistenza a plum pox virus mediante biotecnologie, Ilardi, V, and Tavazza Mario , Patologia Vegetale Molecolare, p.591–594, (2022)
Responses to dietary supplementation with field bean (Vicia faba var. minor) in production indices, mohair growth and hormonal parameters in transition Angora goats, Todini, L., Galbraith H., Malfatti A., Acuti G., Barbato O., Antonini Marco, Beghelli D., and Trabalza-Marinucci M. , Italian Journal of Animal Science, Volume 21, Number 1, p.1315-1325, (2022)
Rethinking Subthreshold Effects in Regulatory Chemical Risk Assessments, Agathokleous, E., Barceló D., Aschner M., Azevedo R.A., Bhattacharya P., Costantini D., Cutler G.C., De Marco Alessandra, Docea A.O., Dórea J.G., et al. , Environmental Science and Technology, (2022)
A Search Engine Concept to Improve Food Traceability and Transparency: Preliminary Results, Palocci, C., Presser K., Kabza A., Pucci E., and Zoani Claudia , Foods, Volume 11, Number 7, (2022)
Seasonal predictions of energy-relevant climate variables through Euro-Atlantic Teleconnections, Cionni, Irene, Lledó L., Torralba V., and Dell'Aquila A. , Climate Services, Volume 26, (2022)
Seasonal trophic ecology of the invasive crab Percnon gibbesi (Brachyura, Plagusiidae) in the southwestern mediterranean: Insights from stomach contents and stable isotope analyses, Bada, N., Da Ros Z., Rindi F., Busi S., Azzurro E., Derbal F., and Fanelli E. , Marine Environmental Research, Volume 173, (2022)
Seismic behaviour of rubble masonry: Shake table test and numerical modelling, de Felice, G., Liberatore D., De Santis S., Gobbin F., Roselli Ivan, Sangirardi M., AlShawa O., and Sorrentino L. , Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, (2022)
Separation and Concentration of Astaxanthin and Lutein from Microalgae Liquid Extracts Using Magnetic Nanoparticles, Savvidou, M.G., Tsiaka T., Zoumpoulakis P., Maggiorou E., Tyrovolas K., Molino Antonio, Hristoforou E., and Ferraro A. , Magnetochemistry, Volume 8, Number 8, (2022)
settings Open AccessArticle Expression Analysis of the TdDRF1 Gene in Field-Grown Durum Wheat under Full and Reduced Irrigation, Latini, Arianna, Cantale Cristina, Thiyagarajan Karthikeyan, Ammar Karim, and Galeffi Patrizia , Genes, Jan-03-2022, Volume 13, Issue 3, Number 3, p.555, (2022)
Silicon-PV panels recycling: technologies and perspectives, Cerchier, P., Dabalà M., Pezzato L., Tammaro Marco, Zucaro Amalia, Fiorentino Gabriella, Ansanelli Giuliana, and Brunelli K. , Metallurgia Italiana, Volume 114, Number 5, p.16-26, (2022)
Smooth-rough asymmetric PLGA structure made of dip coating membrane and electrospun nanofibrous scaffolds meant to be used for guided tissue regeneration of periodontium, Nitti, P., Palazzo B., Gallo N., Scalera F., Sannino A., and Gervaso F. , Polymer Engineering and Science, (2022)
Social and Environmental Assessment of a Solidarity Oriented Energy Community: A Case-Study in San Giovanni a Teduccio, Napoli (IT), Kaiser, S., Oliveira M., Vassillo C., Orlandini G., and Zucaro Amalia , Energies, Volume 15, Number 4, (2022)
Sodium-Conducting Ionic Liquid Electrolytes: Electrochemical Stability Investigation, Maresca, G., Casu P., Simonetti E., Brutti S., and Appetecchi Giovanni Battista , Applied Sciences (Switzerland), Volume 12, Number 9, (2022)
A statistical approach for identification of dust-AOD hotspots climatology and clustering of dust regimes over Southwest Asia and the Arabian Sea, Mohammadpour, K., Rashki A., Sciortino M., Kaskaoutis D.G., and A. Boloorani Darvishi , Atmospheric Pollution Research, Volume 13, Number 4, (2022)
Structural assessment of the pedestrian bridge accessing Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy, Buffarini, Giacomo, Clemente P., Giovinazzi S., Ormando C., and Scafati F. , Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring, (2022)
Sustainable additives from Opuntia mucilage in restoration mortars, Alisi, Chiara, Bacchetta Loretta, Bojorquez E., Falconieri M., Gagliardi S., Insaurralde M., Martinez M.F. Falcon, A. Orozco Meza, Persia F., Procacci Silvia, et al. , Acta Horticulturae, Volume 1343, p.435-442, (2022)
Synergistic Action of Mild Heat and Essential Oil Treatments on Culturability and Viability of Escherichia coli ATCC 25922 Tested In Vitro and in Fruit Juice, Di Gregorio, Luciana, Tchuenchieu Alex, Poscente Valeria, Arioli Stefania, Del Fiore Antonella, Costanzo Manuela, Giorgi Debora, Lucretti Sergio, and Bevivino Annamaria , Foods, 30/05/2022, Volume 11, Number 11, p.1615, (2022)
Synthesis, Physical Properties and Electrochemical Applications of Two Ionic Liquids Containing the Asymmetric (Fluoromethylsulfonyl)(Trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide Anion, Palumbo, O., Appetecchi Giovanni Battista, Maresca G., Brubach J.-B., Roy P., Di Muzio S., Trequattrini F., Bordignon D., Legrand F., Falgayrat A., et al. , Applied Sciences (Switzerland), Volume 12, Number 9, (2022)
Tailoring the critical temperature of Ca/K-1144 superconductors: The effect of aliovalent substitution on tetragonality, Masi, A., Duchenko A., Celentano G., and Varsano F. , Superconductor Science and Technology, Volume 35, Number 6, (2022)
Treatment and management of the effluents generated by hydrometallurgical processes applied to End-of-Life Photovoltaic Panels, Sabia, G., Tammaro Marco, Cerchier P., Salluzzo Antonio, and Brunelli K. , Journal of Water Process Engineering, Volume 47, (2022)