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Climate variability, innovation and firm performance: evidence from the European agricultural sector, Auci, Sabrina, Barbieri Nicolò, Coromaldi Manuela, and Michetti M. , European Review of Agricultural Economics, sep, Volume 48, Number 5, p.1074–1108, (2021)
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Comparison of the performance of an eriophyid mite, Aceria salsolae, on nontarget plants in the laboratory and in the field, Marini, F., Vidović B., Lonis S., Wibawa M.I., de Lillo E., Kashefi J., Cristofaro M., and Smith L. , Biological Control, Volume 152, (2021)
Compostiera, Velardi, Maria, and Fiorino Daniele , Number 102021000000509, (2021)
COMPUTATIONAL TESTS TO IMPROVE THE SPATIAL RESOLUTION OF THE ATMOSPHERIC TRANSFER MATRICES IN THE INTEGRATED ASSESSMENT MODEL MINNI, Briganti, G., Cappelletti Andrea, Piersanti A., Ciancarella L., D'Isidoro Massimo, Adani M., Guarnieri G., Chinnici M., and D'Elia Ilaria , 20th conference on "Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes" , (2021)
A Cooperation Project in Lesotho: Renewable Energy Potential Maps Embedded in a WebGIS Tool, Pasanisi, F., Righini Gaia, D'Isidoro Massimo, Vitali L., Briganti G., Grauso Sergio, Moretti L., Tebano C., Zanini Gabriele, Mahahabisa Mabafokeng, et al. , Sustainability, Jan-09-2021, Volume 13, Issue 18, p.10132, (2021)
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Da Opuntia ficus-indica e Capsicum spp. prodotti sostenibili per i beni culturali, Alisi, Chiara, Bacchetta L., and Persia Franca , Rome, (2021)
Dating of the GV7 East Antarctic ice core by high-resolution chemical records and focus on the accumulation rate variability in the last millennium, Nardin, R., Severi M., Amore A., Becagli S., Burgay F., Caiazzo L., Ciardini V., Dreossi G., Frezzotti M., Hong S.-B., et al. , Climate of the Past, Volume 17, Number 5, p.2073-2089, (2021)
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Design of a fluorescent and clickable Ag38(SRN3)24nanocluster platform: synthesis, modeling and self-assembling, Campi, G., Suber L., Righi G., Primitivo L., De Angelis M., Caschera D., Pilloni L., Del Giudice A., Palma A., Satta M., et al. , Nanoscale Advances, Volume 3, Number 10, p.2948-2960, (2021)
Development of a Multi-Dimensional Coastal Vulnerability Index: Assessing vulnerability to inundation scenarios in the Italian coast, Furlan, E., Pozza P.D., Michetti M., Torresan S., Critto A., and Marcomini A. , Science of the Total Environment, Volume 772, p.144650, (2021)