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Effectiveness of the “ecological beach” model: Beneficial management of posidonia beach casts and banquette

TitleEffectiveness of the “ecological beach” model: Beneficial management of posidonia beach casts and banquette
Publication TypeArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsRotini, A., Chiesa S., Manfra L., Borrello P., Piermarini R., Silvestri C., Cappucci Sergio, Parlagreco L., Devoti S., Pisapia M., Creo Carla, Mezzetti T., Scarpato A., and Migliore L.
JournalWater (Switzerland)
Date PublishedJan-11-2020
KeywordsBeaches, Deposits, Ecological and economic, Ecosystem functions, Ecosystem services, Ecosystems, Educational program, Management protocols, Plants (botany), Posidonia, Posidonia oceanica, Regulatory frameworks, Shore protection, Valuable component

The accumulation of Posidonia oceanica dead leaves on the beaches of the Mediterranean shores is a natural phenomenon. They are either temporary or permanent structures (banquettes) and represent a valuable resource, with important ecosystem functions including coastal protection against erosion. Nevertheless, the perception of these plant accumulations by the different stakeholders (beach managers, local administrations and tourists) is often negative; they consider these deposits a malevolent waste to be removed, rather than a natural and valuable component of the coastline. We propose an integrated/beneficial management model for posidonia deposits, called ECOLOGICAL BEACH, firstly proposed in France, and recently implemented and applied in Italy. The model promotes the preservation of posidonia beach casts on site, with a balanced coexistence of natural and anthropic elements. The model fosters the several important ecosystem services of the beach casts and contributes to coastal preservation. To successfully spread the model, several activities must be implemented: a regulatory framework, the collection of data about the occurrence of beach casts, management protocols and educational programs. The most important activity is the educational one, based on the dissemination of the ecological and economic value of the beach casts, aimed at switching the perception of this phenomenon towards positive appraisal. © 2020 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.


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Short TitleWater
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