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Influence of doping concentration on the photoluminescence of silicon nanocrystals

TitleInfluence of doping concentration on the photoluminescence of silicon nanocrystals
Publication TypeArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsLettieri, S., Maddalena P., Di Francia G., and Morvillo P.
JournalPhysica Status Solidi (A) Applied Research
KeywordsAuger electron spectroscopy, Auger saturation, Composition effects, Doping (additives), Doping concentration, Light emission, Nanostructured materials, Neutralization, oxidation, Photoluminescence, Quantum efficiency, Saturation (materials composition), silicon, Silicon nanocrystals, Wet chemical process

Photoluminescent silicon films have been fabricated starting from p-type silicon powders, by means of a purely wet-chemical process at different doping concentrations. Their light emission properties have been investigated by means of continuous wave and time-resolved photoluminescence measurements. In all the samples Auger saturation has been observed, showing that light emission from quantum confined Si nanocrystals occurs. The doping level influences the spectra, the decay times and the reactivity towards oxidizing environment. The same features are observed in samples obtained from simultaneously processing p- and n-type silicon powders. Hence, our results support the hypothesis that, during the chemical reaction, merging of p- and n-type silicon nanocrystals and subsequent doping neutralization occurs.


cited By 3; Conference of Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference Porous Semiconductors - Sience and Technology ; Conference Date: 10 March 2002 Through 15 March 2002; Conference Code:61122

Citation KeyLettieri2003399