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Partnership for european research in radiation protection and detection of ionising radiation: towards a safer use and improved protection of the environment and human health.

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Programmi dell'Unione Europea
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da 1 Giugno 2022 a 31 Maggio 2027
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Simonetta Pazzaglia
Maria Teresa Mancuso
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The PIANOFORTE partnership, launched on June 1st, 2022, will contribute to improving the protection of the public, workers, patients and the environment
from environmental, occupational and medical exposure to ionizing radiation. It brings together 58 partners representing 22 European Union countries as
well as the United Kingdom and Norway, and is coordinated by the French Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN). It is co-financed by the European Union's EURATOM program and the Member States of the participating countries.
The ambition of the PIANOFORTE Partnership is to improve radiological protection of members of the public, patients, workers and environment in all exposure scenarios and provide solutions and recommendations for optimised protection in accordance with the Basic Safety Standards. Research projects focusing on identified research and innovation priorities will be selected through a serie of three competitive open calls. The input to define the research priorities will be based on the priorities defined in the Joint Road Map (JRM) developed during the H2020 CONCERT EJP but also on the results of ongoing
H2020 projects and on the expectations expressed by other actions carried out in other European programmes, in particular the SAMIRA action plan. High priority will be dedicated to medical applications considering that 1) medical exposures are, by far, the largest artificial source of exposure of the European population and 2) the fight against cancer is a top priority of the present European Commission. In order to ensure an appropriate continuity in the research
goals and methodologies, in line with the contents of the CONCERT JRM, two other priorities have been identified to further understand and reduce uncertainties associated with health risk estimates for exposure at low doses in order to consolidate regulations and improve practices and to further enhance a science-based European methodology for emergency management and long-term recovery. Once the research priorities defined, the open call system will promote excellence in science and widening participation through a process open to the whole radiation protection community. Beyond the research actions, the selected projects will be able to benefit from the system of sharing and mutualisation of infrastructures that will be implemented at
the European level. This will be accompanied by education and training schemes for health workforce and young scientists to increase Europe’s research capacity in the field.
Project budget : 45 252 944.68€; ENEA budget: 46 725.00€; Funding rate 65%