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Project iNEXT-Discovery

Structural biology research infrastructures for translational research and discovery

Tipo di Finanziamento: 
Programmi dell'Unione Europea
Programma UE: 
da 1 Febbraio 2020 a 31 Gennaio 2024
Ruolo ENEA: 
Responsabile di Progetto: 
Claudia Zoani
Personale ENEA non SSPT: 
Valerio Abbadessa
In corso

The iNEXT-Discovery partnership, a renewed team from the one that conceived, organised and successfully run the iNEXT consortium, brings together structural biology facilities for X-rays, NMR, cryo-EM and macromolecular biophysics, and aims to make them accessible to new user communities, to develop the methods further through joined research efforts, and to offer better integration between scientific fields and within the field of structural biology through scientific meetings, practical courses, and training workshops.

A major aim of iNEXT-Discovery is providing access to users from the European Union and all associated countries, to all participating facilities. Importantly, we aim to not only make available our state of the art instruments, but also make available to all users expert support, to help non-experts answer exciting scientific questions.

While our main focus is translational research in life sciences, we are actively looking forward to engage with the food, biotechnology and biomaterials sectors.