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14 MeV calibration of JET neutron detectors-phase 1: Calibration and characterization of the neutron source, Litaudon, X., Abduallev S., Abhangi M., Abreu P., Afzal M., Aggarwal K.M., Ahlgren T., Ahn J.H., Aho-Mantila L., Aiba N., et al. , Nuclear Fusion, Volume 58, Number 2, (2018)
14 MeV neutrons for99Mo/99mTc production: Experiments, simulations and perspectives, Capogni, M., Pietropaolo A., Quintieri L., Angelone Massimo, Boschi A., Capone M., Cherubini N., De Felice P., Dodaro A., Duatti A., et al. , Molecules, Volume 23, Number 8, (2018)
Experimental Assessment of a Flat Sandwich-Like Self-Powered Detector for Nuclear Measurements in ITER Test Blanket Modules, Raj, P., Angelone Massimo, Döring T., Eberhardt K., Fischer U., Klix A., and Schwengner R. , IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, Volume 65, Number 9, p.2385-2391, (2018)
FNG copper benchmark evaluation for the SINBAD database, Kodeli, I., and Angelone Massimo , Fusion Engineering and Design, (2018)
The Frascati Neutron Generator: A multipurpose facility for physics and engineering, Pietropaolo, A., Andreoli F., Angelone Massimo, Vetrella U.B., Fiore S., Loreti S., Pagano G., Pilotti R., and Pillon M. , Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 1021, Number 1, (2018)
Neutron spectroscopy measurements of 14 MeV neutrons at unprecedented energy resolution and implications for deuterium-tritium fusion plasma diagnostics, Rigamonti, D., Giacomelli L., Gorini G., Nocente M., Rebai M., Tardocchi M., Angelone Massimo, Batistoni P., Cufar A., Ghani Z., et al. , Measurement Science and Technology, Volume 29, Number 4, (2018)
Performance test of radiation detectors developed for ITER-TBM, Angelone, Massimo, Pilotti R., Stacchi F., Pillon M., Klix A., Raj P., Loreti S., and Pagano G. , Fusion Engineering and Design, Volume 136, p.1386-1390, (2018)
The role of nuclear data for fusion nuclear technology, Fischer, U., Angelone Massimo, Avrigeanu M., Avrigeanu V., Bachmann C., Dzysiuk N., Fleming M., Konobeev A., Kodeli I., Koning A., et al. , Fusion Engineering and Design, Volume 136, p.162-167, (2018)
Minor elements Hydro-geochemistry for cabonate aquifer characterization (Gran Sasso, Central Italy), Carucci, V., Proposito Marco, Manetta M., Tallini M., Angelone Massimo, De Cassan Maurizio, Montereali Maria Rita, and Nardi Elisa , Flowpath 2014, 06/2014, Volume National Meeting on Hydrogeology, (2014)
Potentially harmful elements in urban soils, Angelone, Massimo, and Udovic M. , PHEs, Environment and Human Health: Potentially Harmful Elements in the Environment and the Impact on Human Health, p.221-251, (2014)