Section Technical and Strategic Support

The Section assists the Director of the Department in carrying out its functions in relations with the Divisions of the Department, with the other Departments, with the Executive Bodies and with the outside of the Agency.

This role is performed in close collaboration with the Management and Operation Service (SSPT-GEF), the Divisions Directions and the Laboratories and with the other Central Units of the Agency.

In particular the Section for Strategic Technical Support:

  • Ensures the supervision of activities aimed at achieving the Department's program objectives, also for the purpose of better systemic effectiveness. 
  • Supports the Director in external and internal relations to ENEA, with the Executive Bodies, with the other Departments and Central Units, ensuring supervision in the preparation of the Management documents.
  • Provides support to the Divisions and Laboratories, in the preparation of project proposals by verifying their correspondence to the Department's own strategies and themes and encouraging collaboration with the other Divisions of the Department and other Departments.
  • Supports the Divisions in the monitoring and control of the Department's project activities.
  • Guarantees the interface with the Divisions and with the other Units of the Agency on the issues of communication and technology transfer.
  • Coordinates the Department's strategies and activities in the field of Green Economy and climate change in collaboration with the Divisions and other Units of the Agency.
  • Coordinates the Department's strategies and activities on cross-cutting issues in collaboration with the Divisions and with other Agency Units.
Head Scientist: