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Management and operation service

The Service deals with the definition and finalization of active contractual relationships in collaboration with the Department Director and the Heads of the departmental Units and of the other Agency Units.

In particular, the Service:

  • supports the Department Director in relations with the central Directions, the other Departments, the top management bodies and the outside of the Agency for managerial and procedural aspects;
  • collaborates with the Department units in the definition and finalization of active contractual relationships (participation in national and EU tenders, presentation of commercial offers, etc.), including also initiatives "without financial flows" (MoU, letters of intent, agreements, etc);
  • supports the Department units in the planning and reporting of projects and contracts;
  • prepares the Department budget and the related indicators for the aspects within its competence in collaboration with the Section Technical and Strategic Support (SSPT-STS) and the Acquisition of Goods and Services (SSPT-ABS);
  • provides support for planning, management control, performance measurement, with the contribution of the SSPT-ABS Service and in close collaboration with the SSPT-STS Section;
  • ensures the functional and administrative activities of competence for the human resources management.