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The EC-Earth3 Earth System Model for the Climate Model Intercomparison Project 6, Doescher, Ralf, Acosta Mario, Alessandri Andrea, Anthoni Peter, Arneth Almut, Arsouze Thomas, Bergman Tommi, Bernardello Raffaele, Bousetta Souhail, Catalano Franco, et al. , Geoscientific Model Development Discussions, 02/2021, (2021)
Economic and life cycle analysis of passive and active monitoring of ozone for forest protection, Carrari, E., De Marco Alessandra, Laschi A., Badea O., Dalstein-Richier L., Fares S., Leca S., Marchi E., Sicard P., Popa I., et al. , Environments - MDPI, Volume 8, Number 10, (2021)
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Effect of different post-harvest storage conditions and heat treatment on tomatine content in commercial varieties of green tomatoes, Pardini, A., Consumi M., Leone G, Bonechi C., Tamasi G., Sangiorgio Paola, Verardi Alessandra, Rossi C., and Magnani A. , Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, Jan-03-2021, Volume 96, p.103735, (2021)
Effect of fruit shading and cold storage on tocopherol biosynthesis and its involvement in the susceptibility of Star Ruby grapefruit to chilling injury, Rey, F., Rodrigo M.J., Diretto Gianfranco, and Zacarías L. , Food Chemistry: Molecular Sciences, Volume 3, (2021)
Effect of hydrodynamic cavitation on flocs structure in sewage sludge to increase stabilization for efficient and safe reuse in agriculture, Mancuso, G., Langone M., Di Maggio R., Toscano A., and Andreottola G. , Bioremediation Journal, (2021)
Effects of a Lifestyle Change Intervention on Semen Quality in Healthy Young Men Living in Highly Polluted Areas in Italy: The FASt Randomized Controlled Trial, Montano, L., Ceretti E., Donato F., Bergamo P., Zani C., Viola G.C.V., Notari T., Pappalardo S., Zani D., Ubaldi S., et al. , European Urology Focus, (2021)
Effects of long-lasting cold storage on Tenebrio molitor larvae (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae), Errico, S., Dimatteo S., Moliterni Stefania, and Baldacchino Ferdinando , Journal of Insects as Food and Feed, Jul-10-2022, Volume 7, Issue 7, Number 7, p.1111 - 1116, (2021)
Effects of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Field (RF-EMF) exposure on male fertility and pregnancy and birth outcomes: Protocols for a systematic review of experimental studies in non-human mammals and in human sperm exposed in vitro, Pacchierotti, F., Ardoino L., Benassi B., Consales Claudia, Cordelli Eugenia, Eleuteri Patrizia, Marino Carmela, Sciortino M., Brinkworth M.H., Chen G., et al. , Environment International, Volume 157, (2021)
Effects of sub-chronic oral exposure to pyrogenic synthetic amorphous silica (NM-203) in male and female Sprague-Dawley rats: focus on reproductive systems, Tassinari, R., Cordelli Eugenia, Eleuteri Patrizia, Villani P., Pacchierotti Francesca, Narciso L., Tait S., Valeri M., Martinelli A., Di Felice G., et al. , Reproductive Toxicology, Volume 105, p.17-24, (2021)
Effects of two diets on adults’ survival and productivity in mass-rearing of Tenebrio molitor (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae), Deen, S.N. El, Lamaj F., Verrastro V., L. Bitar Al, and Baldacchino Ferdinando , Journal of Insects as Food and Feed, Volume 7, Number 7, p.1149-1157, (2021)
An Eggplant Recombinant Inbred Population Allows the Discovery of Metabolic QTLs Controlling Fruit Nutritional Quality, Sulli, Maria, Barchi L., Toppino L., Diretto Gianfranco, Sala T., Lanteri S., Rotino G.L., and Giuliano Giovanni , Frontiers in Plant Science, Volume 12, p.614, (2021)
Emerging challenges of ozone impacts on asian plants: actions are needed to protect ecosystem health, Feng, Z., Agathokleous E., Yue X., Oksanen E., Paoletti E., Sase H., Gandin A., Koike T., Calatayud V., Yuan X., et al. , Ecosystem Health and Sustainability, Volume 7, Number 1, (2021)
Enabling barley production in arid soils by only exploiting the indigenous microbial biodiversity, Sprocati, AR, Paganin P, Alisi Chiara, Casale P, Migliore G., Tasso F., Falasca G, T Hasan El-, and De Giudici G , Global Symposium on Soil Biodiversity, (2021)
The ENEA-REG system (v1.0), a multi-component regional Earth system model: Sensitivity to different atmospheric components over the Med-CORDEX (Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment) region, Anav, A., Carillo A., Palma M., Struglia Maria Vittoria, Turuncoglu U.U., and Sannino Gianmaria , Geoscientific Model Development, Volume 14, Number 7, p.4159-4185, (2021)
Engineering Metabolism in Nicotiana Species: A Promising Future, Molina-Hidalgo, F.J., Vazquez-Vilar M., D'Andrea L., Demurtas Olivia Costantina, Fraser P., Giuliano Giovanni, Bock R., Orzáez D., and Goossens A. , Trends in Biotechnology, Volume 39, Number 9, p.901-913, (2021)
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EPCL Electrospun Microfibrous Layers for Immune Assays: Sensitive ELISA for the Detection of Serum Antibodies against HPV16 E7 Oncoprotein, Falcucci, S., Paolini F., Mileo A.M., Franconi Rosella, Massa Silvia, Rinaldi Antonio, and Venuti A. , ACS Omega, Volume 6, Number 13, p.8778-8783, (2021)
Eriophyid mites in classical biological control of weeds: Progress and challenges, Marini, F., Weyl P., Vidović B., Petanović R., Littlefield J., Simoni S., de Lillo E., Cristofaro M., and Smith L. , Insects, Volume 12, Number 6, (2021)
Estimating lockdown-induced European NO2changes using satellite and surface observations and air quality models, Barré, J., Petetin H., Colette A., Guevara M., Peuch V.-H., Rouïl L., Engelen R., Inness A., Flemming J., C. García-Pando Pérez, et al. , Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Volume 21, Number 9, p.7373-7394, (2021)
Estimating the epidemic growth dynamics within the first week, Fioriti, Vincenzo, Chinnici M., Arbore A., Sigismondi N., and Roselli Ivan , Heliyon, Volume 7, Number 11, (2021)
A European aerosol phenomenology - 7: High-time resolution chemical characteristics of submicron particulate matter across Europe, Bressi, M., Cavalli F., Putaud J.P., Fröhlich R., Petit J.-E., Aas W., Äijälä M., Alastuey A., Allan J.D., Aurela M., et al. , Atmospheric Environment: X, Jan-04-2021, Volume 10, p.100108, (2021)
European Vintage tomatoes galore: a result of farmers combinatorial assorting/swapping of a few diversity rich loci, Blanca, Jose, Pons Clara, Montero-Pau Javier, Sanchez-Matarredona David, Ziarsolo Peio, Fontanet Lilian, Fisher Josef, Plazas Mariola, Casals Joan, Rambla Jose Luis, et al. , bioRxiv, (2021)
Evaluating the Impact of a Wall-Type Green Infrastructure on PM10 and NOx Concentrations in an Urban Street Environment, Villani, M.G., Russo Felicita, Adani M., Piersanti A., Vitali L., Tinarelli Gianni, Ciancarella L., Zanini Gabriele, Donateo Antonio, Rinaldi Matteo, et al. , Atmosphere, 06/2021 , Volume 12(7), Number 7, (2021)