Anthosart Green Tool: Selecting Species for Green Infrastructure Design

TitleAnthosart Green Tool: Selecting Species for Green Infrastructure Design
Publication TypeCapitolo di Monografia
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsMenegoni, Patrizia, Guarino Riccardo, Pignatti Sandro, Trotta Claudia, Lecce Francesca, Colucci Federica, Sighicelli M, and Pietrelli Loris
Book TitleUrban Services to Ecosystems , Green Infrastructure Benefits from the Landscape to the Urban Scale
Series VolumeFuture City
PublisherSpringer Nature
CityCham, Switzerland

The environmental and economic costs of greenery depend on the planning criteria adopted and on the plants used. These costs can become more sustainable and can also be significantly lowered by using native flora and getting inspired by local plant communities. Nature-based solutions entail the use of species that co-occur naturally, thus replicating a model of coexistence consolidated by the evolutionary coherence of the biosphere. Planning, using and (re-)producing – getting inspired by natural ecosystems – may foster the dissemination of ecological awareness, with gardens, avenues, rooftops, walls and balconies seen as spaces available for the urban reconciliation with nature. The Anthosart Green Tool may support these actions, as a freely accessible online tool dedicated to the species belonging to the Italian flora, by recognizing their value as environmental and cultural assets. This tool is designed for those who want to engage in greenery design work using wild species, discover their potentials in terms of ethnobotanical knowledge and seek out information on the species of the flora of Italy.


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