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Diversity and predicted inter- and intra-domain interactions in the Mediterranean Plastisphere

TitleDiversity and predicted inter- and intra-domain interactions in the Mediterranean Plastisphere
Publication TypeArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsAmaral-Zettler, L.A., Ballerini T., Zettler E.R., Asbun A.A., Adame A., Casotti R., Dumontet B., Donnarumma V., Engelmann J.C., Frère L., Mansui J., Philippon M., Pietrelli L., and Sighicelli Maria
JournalEnvironmental Pollution
KeywordsBacteria, Bacteria (microorganisms), Causal network analyse, Debris, DNA sequences, Domain-domain interactions, Ecosystems, environmental samples (Fungi), Eukarya, Eukaryota, Eukaryotics, Gene encoding, Inter-domain, Intra-domain interactions, Microbial communities, Microplastics, Plastic debris, plastisphere, Scanning electron microscopy

This study investigated the biogeography, the presence and diversity of potentially harmful taxa harbored, and potential interactions between and within bacterial and eukaryotic domains of life on plastic debris in the Mediterranean. Using a combination of high-throughput DNA sequencing (HTS), Causal Network Analysis, and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), we show regional differences and gradients in the Mediterranean microbial communities associated with marine litter, positive causal effects between microbes including between and within domains of life, and how these might impact the marine ecosystems surrounding them. Adjacent seas within the Mediterranean region showed a gradient in the microbial communities on plastic with non-overlapping endpoints (Adriatic and Ligurian Seas). The largest predicted inter-domain effects included positive effects of a novel red-algal Plastisphere member on its potential microbiome community. Freshwater and marine samples housed a diversity of fungi including some related to disease-causing microbes. Algal species related to those responsible for Harmful Blooms (HABs) were also observed on plastic pieces including members of genera not previously reported on Plastic Marine Debris (PMD). © 2021 The Authors


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Citation KeyAmaral-Zettler2021