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Effect of silver doping by ion implantation on graphene nanoplatelets properties

TitleEffect of silver doping by ion implantation on graphene nanoplatelets properties
Publication TypeArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsKukhta, A.V., Maksimenko S.A., Taoubi M.I., Harb M., Cataldo Antonino, Bellucci S., Nuzhdin V.I., Valeev V.F., and Stepanov A.L.
JournalOptoelectronics and Advanced Materials, Rapid Communications
KeywordsEffect of silvers, Electric conductivity, Electronic and optical properties, Graphene, Graphene lattices, Graphene nanoplatelets, Graphene sheets, Implantation process, Ion implantation, Local orientations, Metal ions, Metal nanoparticles, Morphology, Optical properties, Semiconductor doping, silver, Silver dopants, simulation

The structural, electronic and optical properties of thin films based on chemically clean graphene nanoplatelets (GNP) doped by silver ion implantation with relatively low energies have been studied. The silver dopant percentage relatively carbon of 1.18 % has been achieved. The surface of the nanoplatelets was found to be not plane, and there are many areas with different local orientation. Big holes in the GNP surface have been appeared as a result of ion implantation, and metal nanoparticles have been formed. The conductivity of the graphene sheet after ion implantation was found to be lowered by the presence of such graphene lattice defects. It has been concluded that the essential changes of GNP structure occur during the ion implantation process, what is confirmed by electron microscopic, Raman and electrophysical measurements, as well as theoretical consideration. © 2019, National Institute of Optoelectronics. All rights reserved.


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