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Lignin morphology tuning by oxidation under high energy milling

TitleLignin morphology tuning by oxidation under high energy milling
Publication TypePresentazione a Congresso
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsDecina, S., Melone F., Pentimalli M., Padella F., Pilloni L., and Crestini C.
Conference Name16th International Symposium on Wood, Fiber and Pulping Chemistry - Proceedings, ISWFPC
Conference LocationTianjin
KeywordsAdvanced technology, Alkali lignin, alloy, Anatomy, GPC analysis, Lignin, Lignin structure, Lignins, Mechanical alloying, Molecular weight distribution, oxidation, Oxidation process, Phenolic OH group, Phenols, Structural modifications, Wood

Alkali lignin was subjected to a solid state percarbonate oxidation process for the development of a new nanostructured material to be used in advanced technologies. In this study, preliminary physical-chemical characterizations are reported. In particular GPC analysis showed an increase of molecular weight distribution after the percarbonate treatments, quantitative 31P NMR, used to determine the structural modifications induced in the lignin structures, highlighted an increase in phenolic OH groups. Finally, SEM showed the formation of lignin nanosubstructures with a well defined diameter, length and porosity.

Citation KeyDecina2011278