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Low aluminum content permeation barrier coatings for din 1.4914 martensitic steel (manet)

TitleLow aluminum content permeation barrier coatings for din 1.4914 martensitic steel (manet)
Publication TypeArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsPerujo, A., Sample T., Serra Emanuele, and Kolbe H.
JournalFusion Technology
KeywordsAluminide coatings, Aluminide layers, Aluminum coated steel, Coatings, Composition effects, Crack initiation, Crack resistance, Ductility, Fusion reactors, hardness, Heat treatment, Martensitic steel, Permeation barriers, Permeation measurement, Spraying, Stainless steel, Vacuum applications, Vacuum plasma spraying

This paper describes the production and permeation measurements of three different aluminide coatings on the surface of MANET II stainless steel. The coatings were produced by vacuum plasma spraying pure aluminium (≈ 100μm) on to the steel, which was subsequently heat treated to produce an aluminide layer on the MANET. The relationship between the aluminum content of the coatings and their effectiveness as permeation barriers, due to the greater or lower resistance to crack formation was manifest. The coatings with a lower aluminum content presented the largest permeation reduction (2 orders of magnitude).


cited By 12; Conference of Proceedings of the 5th Topical Meeting on Tritium Technology in Fission, Fusion, and Isotopic Applications. Part 1 (of 2) ; Conference Date: 28 May 1995 Through 3 June 1995; Conference Code:43856

Citation KeyPerujo19951256