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Extraction of bioactive compounds using supercritical carbon dioxide

TitleExtraction of bioactive compounds using supercritical carbon dioxide
Publication TypeArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsMolino, Antonio, Larocca Vincenzo, Di Sanzo Giuseppe, Martino Maria, Casella Patrizia, Marino T., Karatza D., and Musmarra D.
Keywordsbeta carotene, Carbon dioxide, chemistry, Diatomaceous Earth, fatty acid, Fatty acids, flow kinetics, human, Humans, infusorial earth, isolation and purification, liquid liquid extraction, Liquid-Liquid Extraction, microalga, microalgae, pressure, procedures, Rheology, Solid phase extraction, Temperature, time factor, Time Factors

Microalgae Dunaliella salina contains useful molecules such as β-carotene and fatty acids (FAs), which are considered high value-added compounds. To extract these molecules, supercritical carbon dioxide was used at different operative conditions. The effects of mechanical pre-treatment (grinding speed at 0–600 rpm; pre-treatment time of 2.5–7.5 min) and operating parameters for extraction, such as biomass loading (2.45 and 7.53 g), pressure (100–550 bars), temperature (50–75 ◦ C) and CO 2 flow rate (7.24 and 14.48 g/min) by varying the extraction times (30–110 min) were evaluated. Results showed that the maximum cumulative recovery (25.48%) of β-carotene was achieved at 400 bars and 65 ◦ C with a CO 2 flow rate of 14.48 g/min, while the highest purity for stage (55.40%) was attained at 550 bars and 65 ◦ C with a CO 2 flow rate of 14.48 g/min. The maximum recovery of FAs, equal to 8.47 mg/g, was achieved at 550 bars and 75 ◦ C with a CO 2 flow rate of 14.48 g/min. Moreover, the lowest biomass loading (2.45 g) and the first extraction cycle (30 min) allowed the maximum extraction of β-carotene and FAs. © 2019 by the authors.


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