Modelling the effects of land-cover changes on surface climate in the Mediterranean region

TitleModelling the effects of land-cover changes on surface climate in the Mediterranean region
Publication TypeArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsAnav, A., Ruti P.M., Artale V., and Valentini R.
JournalClimate Research
Keywordsatmospheric modeling, Central Europe, Climate control, Climate models, Computer simulation, Control simulation, extreme event, Extreme events, Heat flux, Land-cover change, Landforms, Lower troposphere, Mediterranean areas, Mediterranean region, numerical model, precipitation (climatology), Probability density function, Regional climate, Regional climate models, Simulation result, Surface climate, Surface temperatures, temperature effect, thermodynamics, Time periods, troposphere, Vegetation, Vegetation composition, vegetation cover, Vegetation distribution

We investigated the impact of land-cover changes on regional climate over the Euro-Mediterranean area. For this purpose, we compared a control simulation, which employs the presentday vegetation cover, with 2 different potential vegetation distributions performed with the regional climate model RegCM3 for the time period 1981-2000. The simulation results show how land-cover changes are able to modify both the thermodynamics and dynamics of the lower troposphere in central Europe, particularly during summer. Within some of the regions where land-cover change occurred, we found significant changes in heat fluxes, while weak changes were found in surface temperature and precipitation fields. Changes in vegetation composition modify the probability density function of the 2 m temperature, and hence land-cover changes may have a strong impact on extreme events. © Inter-Research 2010.


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