Age-related effects of X-ray irradiation on mouse hippocampus

TitleAge-related effects of X-ray irradiation on mouse hippocampus
Publication TypeArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsCasciati, Arianna, Dobos K., Antonelli Francesca, Benedek A., Kempf S.J., Bellés M., Balogh A., Tanori Mirella, Heredia L., Atkinson M.J., von Toerne C., Azimzadeh O., Saran Anna, Sáfrány G., Benotmane M.A., Linares-Vidal M.V., Tapio S., Lumniczky K., and Pazzaglia Simonetta
Keywordsanimal experiment, dentate gyrus, hippocampus, mitochondrion, mouse, nervous system development, nonhuman, Proteomics, Radiation safety, X irradiation, X ray

Therapeutic irradiation of pediatric and adult patients can profoundly affect adult neurogenesis, and cognitive impairment manifests as a deficit in hippocampal-dependent functions. Age plays a major role in susceptibility to radiation, and younger children are at higher risk of cognitive decay when compared to adults. Cranial irradiation affects hippocampal neurogenesis by induction of DNA damage in neural progenitors, through the disruption of the neurogenic microenvironment, and defective integration of newborn neurons into the neuronal network. Our goal here was to assess cellular and molecular alterations induced by cranial X-ray exposure to low/moderate doses (0.1 and 2 Gy) in the hippocampus of mice irradiated at the postnatal ages of day 10 or week 10, as well as the dependency of these phenomena on age at irradiation. To this aim, changes in the cellular composition of the dentate gyrus, mitochondrial functionality, proteomic profile in the hippocampus, as well as cognitive performance were evaluated by a multidisciplinary approach. Our results suggest the induction of specific alterations in hippocampal neurogenesis, microvascular density and mitochondrial functions, depending on age at irradiation. A better understanding of how irradiation impairs hippocampal neurogenesis at low and moderate doses is crucial to minimize adverse effects of therapeutic irradiation, contributing also to radiation safety regulations.


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