Biomass gasification technology: The state of the art overview

TitleBiomass gasification technology: The state of the art overview
Publication TypeArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsMolino, Antonio, Chianese S., and Musmarra D.
JournalJournal of Energy Chemistry
KeywordsAlternative to fossil fuels, biofuels, Biomass, Biomass Gasification, Fossil fuels, Gas generators, Gasification, Gasification technologies, Hydrogen production, Production of hydrogen, Renewable energy resources, Renewable energy source, Sustainable energy, Syn-gas, Synthesis gas, Thermochemical Conversion

In the last decades the interest in the biomass gasification process has increased due to the growing attention to the use of sustainable energy. Biomass is a renewable energy source and represents a valid alternative to fossil fuels. Gasification is the thermochemical conversion of an organic material into a valuable gaseous product, called syngas, and a solid product, called char. The biomass gasification represents an efficient process for the production of power and heat and the production of hydrogen and second-generation biofuels. This paper deals with the state of the art biomass gasification technologies, evaluating advantages and disadvantages, the potential use of the syngas and the application of the biomass gasification. Syngas cleaning though fundamental to evaluate any gasification technology is not included in this paper since; in the authors' opinion, a dedicated review is necessary. © 2015 Science Press and Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics.


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