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Simulation of DNAPL distribution depending on groundwater flow velocities using TMVOC

TitleSimulation of DNAPL distribution depending on groundwater flow velocities using TMVOC
Publication TypePresentazione a Congresso
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsErning, K., Schäfer D., Dahmke A., Luciano Antonella, Viotti P., and Papini M.P.
Conference NameIAHS-AISH Publication
Conference LocationZurich
KeywordsDNAPL source zones, flow modeling, flow velocity, groundwater, Groundwater contamination, groundwater flow, Groundwater pollution, Lateral displacements, Multiphase flow, numerical model, pollutant source, Quality management, remediation, Saturated zone, Site investigations, Source zone, TMVOC, TOUGH, Water quality

Remediation actions on groundwater contaminations are based on the knowledge of the position, the size and the mass of the source zone. We focus in our research on the question, whether high groundwater flow velocities can cause a displacement of a DNAPL source zone. Additionally, the impact of high groundwater flow velocities on the development of the DNAPL body is investigated. The tool for these investigations is multiphase modelling of different flow scenarios with TMVOC. The simulation revealed that even low groundwater flow velocities affect the DNAPL movement and distribution in the saturated zone and should thus be taken into account by site investigation. Copyright © 2011 IAHS Press.

Citation KeyErning2011128