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Asymmetry effect of novel per(fluoroalkylsulfonyl)imide anions in pyrrolidinium ionic liquids

TitleAsymmetry effect of novel per(fluoroalkylsulfonyl)imide anions in pyrrolidinium ionic liquids
Publication TypeArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsJeremias, S., Carewska M., Conte L., Passerini S., and Appetecchi Giovanni Battista
JournalRSC Advances
KeywordsCommon cation, Conductivity data, Crystallization kinetics, diffusion, Ion conduction, Ionic liquids, Liquid materials, Negative ions, Positive ions, Pyrrolidinium, Self-diffusion coefficients, Steric hindrances, Thermal measurements, Transport properties

Ionic liquids based on the N-butyl-N-methylpyrrolidinium, (PYR 14)+, cation and different per(fluoroalkylsulfonyl)imide anions, having symmetric, (IM11)-, moderately asymmetric, (IM24)-, highly asymmetric, (IM14)- and (IMT4)-, and cyclic, (IM3)- structures, were properly synthesized. A few of the presented per(fluoroalkylsulfonyl)imide ions have never been reported in the literature as ionic liquid anions. The thermal and transport properties of the ionic liquid materials, having a common cation, were investigated and correlated with the structure of the per(fluoroalkylsulfonyl)imide anion. The results have indicated that the symmetry as well as the steric hindrance of the anion affect the melting point and the crystallization kinetics as well as the ion conduction and the self-diffusion coefficient of the ionic liquids. The conductivity data are in good agreement with the thermal measurements. © The Royal Society of Chemistry.


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