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Characterization of Italian and exotic Lathyrus germplasm for quality traits

TitleCharacterization of Italian and exotic Lathyrus germplasm for quality traits
Publication TypeArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsGranati, E., Bisignano V., Chiaretti Domenico, Crinò P., and Polignano G.B.
JournalGenetic Resources and Crop Evolution
Pagination273 - 280
Date Published2003///
KeywordsDiversity pattern, Grass pea, Multivariate analyses, ODAP, Quality traits

The aim of the following work is to characterize quality traits (protein, ashes, 100 seed weight and ODAP content) of 117 accessions of Lathyrus, from either Italian or foreign countries. Significant differences among entries were estimated for all traits and accessions were classified into similar genetic groups. Principal component and hierarchical cluster analyses produced five different groups. In particular, the absence of a strong association among the investigated traits and their dominant independent roles in each separate principal component allows the achievement of a useful recombinant in breeding work. An interpretation of each cluster, based on the data obtained from the accessions, provides practical information to establish a subset of grass pea collection for further activities.


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