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The Gate of Hades: The Phlegraean Fields

TitleThe Gate of Hades: The Phlegraean Fields
Publication TypeCapitolo di Monografia
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsCarrabba, Paola
EditorEvelpidou, Niki, Vassilopoulos Andreas, Tecim Vahap, Mauro Francesco, and de Figueiredo Tomás
Book TitleNatural Heritage from East to West - Case studies from 6 EU countries.
CityNew York
ISBN Number978-3-642-01576-2

The publication is an initiative generated within the European Project Leondardo da Vinci Pilot Project "EduNatHer", Educational Strategies for the Promotion of Natural Heritage and was co-funded by the European community. The Leonardo da Vinci Pilot Project is one of the longest-running instruments supporting cooperation among educational organizations, scientists and researchers across Europe. The book is the result of cooperative work among academic and research institutes originating from six countries; Greece, Romania, Portugal, Italy Malta and Turkey, and its focus is to present natural landmarks and monuments from those countries. The main objective of the book is to construct a meaningful link between educational organizations, research institutes, public and private sectors involved in research, preservation and management of natural sites. Each country presents up to 15 natural sites of environmental or educational interest within a geographical zone spanning Europe from east to west.

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