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F1 hybrids of globe artichoke of ’Romanesco’ type

TitleF1 hybrids of globe artichoke of ’Romanesco’ type
Publication TypeMonografia
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBianco, C.L., Micozzi F., Jordan J.R., Jordan A., Crinò P., Temperini A., Pagnotta M.A., and Saccardo F.
Series TitleActa Horticulturae
Number of Pages133 - 138
KeywordsMale sterility, Parent

The development of F1 hybrids is an important goal for the modernization of globe artichoke (Cynara cardunculus subsp. scolymus) cultivation. During the last thirteen years, a program of genetic improvement was carried out in order to obtain new F1 hybrids stable and with characteristics of interest for Italian market. Male sterility was used to enable the constitution of F1 hybrids, so reducing the production costs. A strategy for the development of F1 hybrids must firstly be based on the use of stable male and female parental lines. Some male sterile clones were selected and individuated as good female parents; some stable male fertile genotypes were also selected. Different cross-combinations were developed both in Italy and in USA, in order to compare the different hybrids obtained and to individuate the most homogeneous ones. A focusing point of the program consisted in finding an evaluation system capable of distinguishing which hybrids were more homogeneous than others. Some of the F1 hybrids obtained were homogeneous and will be soon ready for the commercialization. © ISHS.

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